The Wizarding World
Lovepop's 'Harry Potter' collection includes new cards for Potterheads.
Lovepop's Harry Potter Cards Double As Wizarding World Home Decor

The Honeydukes bouquet card is the sweetest.

Courtesy of Lovepop

Lovepop is already known for creating three-dimensional, laser cut cards that feel like magic when you open them up, but now, they’ve officially crossed over into the Wizarding World with their latest collection. Lovepop’s Harry Potter card collection brings some of your favorite moments from the series to life, and it’s the perfect way to share the magic with friends and family for special occasions all year long.

This is the first Harry Potter collection for the brand, and just like other Lovepop cards, this one is much more than greeting cards with fun references to the series and fun designs. They can become fun home decor and keepsakes, so Potterheads will want to put their special delivery on display.

Much more pleasant than a Howler, these seven Lovepop Harry Potter cards will put a smile on your friend’s face. Even if you just want to reach out to let the Ron to your Harry know how much you care, there is a card in the Harry Potter collection for you. It may even make them feel better about never receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail. Now, if only there was a way to deliver one of these cards by owl, that would be the icing on the “Happee Birthdae Harry” cake.

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Celebrate The Holidays With This Hogwarts Card

Wish the Ron to your Harry a “happy Christmas” with this Hogwarts card. From the outside, it just says “deck the Great Hall,” but once you open it, the entire Hogwarts Castle appears like magic. You may not have received your Hogwarts letter, but now you can have the entire castle in your hand.

Treat Your Friend To A Sweet Bouquet From Honeydukes

While sending your bestie a card for their birthday is already sweet, making it a Honeydukes bouquet is the sweetest. Who doesn’t want a burst of Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans to greet them as they open up their card? The best part of all is this bouquet can be cute home decor when placed on a dresser or bookshelf.

Surprise Your Friend With A Sorting Hat Visit

Some of the cards in the Harry Potter collection are for specific occasions, but sometimes, you just want to send your friend a card just because. In those evergreen cases, Lovepop has this punny Sorting Hat card. You could even personalize it with a note telling your friend all the qualities you love about them that relate to their Hogwarts house.

Say “Happee Birthdae” With This Harry Potter Card

Who could forget Hagrid’s iconic birthday cake to Harry? It was the sweetest surprise, and your friend will be just as grateful as Harry to receive this pop-up version. It even comes with a little note card for you to personalize your own message, whether it’s spelled correctly or not.

Get Ready For The Holidays With This Hogwarts Express Card

The holidays will be here before you know it, so get ahead of the game by getting your holiday cards ready now. This Hogwarts Express card is so cool that your friend will want to put it out with the rest of their Christmas decor, so you may even want to send it earlier in the season.

Decorate Your Home With This Holiday Wreath Card

Just like the Honeydukes bouquet makes great home decor, so does this holiday wreath. That’s what makes Lovepop’s cards so special is that they’re more than just greeting cards.

Your friends can have a brand new holiday wreath to hang in their home as you wish them a “happy Christmas.” Potterheads will especially appreciate Ron and Harry’s sweaters hanging on the wreath as well.

Send Hedwig To Wish Your Friend A Happy Birthday

Just like Harry received a special owl delivery on his birthday, your BFF can get this Hedwig delivery to them. The adorable 3D-Hedwig comes with a few Hogwarts acceptance letters, and is so cute they may just want to leave it out and open for everyone to see.