Here's what you need to know about the Kim Kardashian x Beats collab, including price, colors, relea...

Kim Kardashian Wants To Give Your Basic Headphones An Aesthetic Upgrade

They’re cheaper than SKKN!

Courtesy of Beats

It’s time to get your f*cking ass up and upgrade your basic headphones. On Aug. 9, Beats announced its newest collab with everyone’s favorite businesswoman, and in classic Kim Kardashian fashion, the reimagined Beats Fit Pro are perfectly designed for working out and running errands — all with a chic minimalistic color palette. If you’re ready to swap out your old headphones for a Kardashian-approved ~lewk~, here’s what you need to know about the Kim Kardashian x Beats Fit Pro collab, from colors and pricing to the release date and where to buy them.

Between raising four kids and running multiple businesses, it’s no secret that Kardashian is a busy woman, but I can’t say I saw this partnership coming before she announced it on her IG account on Aug. 9. Featuring the Beats Fit Pro’s innovative wingtip design, the Beats x Kim collab is meant to be comfortable and withstand even the busiest of schedules. Plus, the new-new of it all: the collection comes in three aesthetically pleasing neutral colors.

On the same day the collab was announced, Beats released a behind-the-scenes video highlighting how the collection came to be. In the video, Kardashian shared that she got the idea for the collab when she discovered the OG Beats Fit Pro, which were released in November 2021, and she took them to an “artist who would paint the headphones” to blend in with her everyday color palette. “I thought, ‘why wouldn’t I just go directly to Beats and show them some of the samples that I was just, for fun, creating?’” Kardashian mused in the video.

She said she’d never seen this type of neutral color palette on tech products and decided to shoot her shot: “I was just bringing my creative concept and my color palette to a brand that I’ve always respected and loved.” That’s that businesswoman mindset at work, y’all.

The Beats x Kim collab will only be available in select stores for a limited time while supplies last, which means you might have a hard time scoring the headphones before it’s too late. Before they launch, here’s the rundown on the new headphones, including where to find them, so you can be Kardashian-chic (with a K, of course) on your next errands run.

Beats x Kim Colors

Kim K is known for sticking to a pretty neutral color palate (have you seen her house?), so it’s no surprise she brought her usual earth tones to her Beats collab.

The headphones are available in three Kardashian-approved colors — Moon, Dune, and Earth. Moon comes in as the lightest of the three, and makes for the perfect match to the platinum hairstyle Kim was rocking for the photo shoot. Meanwhile, the Dune earbuds have a more tan color palate, and the Earth headphones are a much richer chocolate brown.

Each pair of earbuds also comes with a matching case that doubles as a charger for the buds, so you can fuel up your wireless headphones in between errands.

Beats x Kim Price

The new Beats x Kim Beats Fit Pro headphones will sell for $199.99. (That’s quite a bit cheaper than her $575 SKKN collection.) FWIW, that’s also the going rate for the OG Beats Fit Pro headphones.

If you’re not familiar with the Beats Fit Pro, they’re wireless headphones that fit snugly in your ear, and they come with features like Active Noise Cancellation and Spatial Audio. Plus, they pair with both Apple and Android products.

Beats x Kim Release Date

The classy-with-a-K Beats Fit Pro will be available to purchase online on Aug. 16 at 7 a.m. PT, followed by an in-store release on Aug. 17. If you plan to pick your up in person, though, you should know each store will only carry limited quantities.

Where To Buy Beats x Kim

You’ll be able to buy Beats x Kim online at

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You can also buy the limited-edition Beats x Kim headphones in-stores at a select number of Apple Stores and exclusive retailers in various cities. If you’re local to one of these cities, here’s where you can find your next pair of Beats:

  • Los Angeles — The Grove, Tower Theater, 3rd St. Promenade
  • New York — 5th Avenue and SoHo
  • Miami — Aventura
  • Chicago — Michigan Avenue

The Beats will also be getting a limited in-store release in various cities outside of the United States, including London, Berlin, and Paris.

According to Kardashian herself, the earbuds are meant to be a “fashion accessory that’s usable and user-friendly,” and even though the buds might not be over-the-top, they’re “kind of a statement.”