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A woman shops for kawaii room decor to bring the kawaii pink aesthetic to her home.
Shop Kawaii Room Decor To Jump On The Adorable Aesthetic Trend

The perfect excuse to buy more Squishmallows.

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If you’re familiar with Japanese culture, you know that kawaii is the cultural celebration of all things cute and adorable. The bright, sweet, and innocent kawaii aesthetic has taken over in recent years, which is why many people are looking to shop kawaii decor. In order to make over your bedroom, dorm room, or pretty much any room in your house with that kawaii aesthetic, you first need to pick up a few essentials.

The kawaii color palette is simple to follow. For the basic kawaii pink aesthetic, you want to go for soft pastel hues. Think of the colors you’d typically find in the baby section of Target or around Easter time. Basically, anything that is a pale pink, baby blue, or light purple will do. Of course, there is also a kawaii goth aesthetic (or pastel goth) that still has those pastel influences, but with more black accents for an edgy twist. However, as long as it’s cute and invokes an “awww” response out of you, it is kawaii.

Now that you know what colors to look for, you can nail down the kawaii aesthetic by shopping these too-cute decor items.

What Does Kawaii Mean?

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First things first, you might be wondering what kawaii means to really get to the heart of the trend. In Japanese, kawaii is an adjective for something that is cute and lovable. Popular anime characters like Hello Kitty and Studio Ghibli’s Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro are super kawaii. Kawaii can also describe things that are childlike as well, like Squishmallows and animated shows, so it’s good to keep these examples in mind when shopping for room decor like kawaii plushies.

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This Kawaii Wallpaper Is So Aesthetic

To really set the mood in your room, create a kawaii wallpaper behind your bed. This collage kit from Etsy not only matches the kawaii pink aesthetic you’re going for, but it can also be downloaded and up on your wall ASAP.

Squishmallows Are Trendy Kawaii Room Decor

It’s no secret Squishmallows are so in right now. The adorable kawaii plushies are fun to collect, hug, and keep in your room for kawaii decor. Since every Squishmallow is too cute, it can be hard deciding which one to get. So, make your life easy breezy by getting this mystery box that comes with four 16-inch Squishmallows.

This BTS Character Coaster For Your Kawaii Room

Back in 2017, each member of BTS created their own adorable character for Line Friends called BT21. You can shop tons of merch featuring your fave BT21 character, like Chimmy created by Jimin. This Chimmy coaster is especially kawaii for your WFH desk, and can keep your iced coffees company as you respond to emails.

This Hello Kitty Tray Is Versatile Kawaii Decor

You need something to keep all your trinkets and beauty products organized on your dresser, so shop this Hello Kitty tray for super useful kawaii decor. You can even use it on your coffee table to keep your candles together or as a snack tray during movie night.

Coffee Lovers Need To Give Their Mugs A Kawaii Aesthetic

If you start each day with a cup of coffee or tea, you definitely need to get yourself a kawaii mug like this strawberry one from Etsy. It’s so precious and comes with its own pink strawberry lid and tiny spoon for stirring. Just think of the tea parties you could throw with your besties using these ‘Gram-worthy mugs.

These Flower Pillows Can Make Any Room Kawaii And Cozy

If you’re just looking to just add a few kawaii room decor items here and there, these flower pillows are a must. They can add that kawaii pink aesthetic anywhere in your home. Use them as a seat cushion, on your bed, or to accent your couch.

This Rug Is Eggstra Kawaii

A little rug like this cartoon egg one from Shein can add a pop of the kawaii aesthetic to your room. It can also be used in the bathroom if that’s a place that needs more of a kawaii influence.

A Cat Lamp Will Light Up Your Room With The Kawaii Aesthetic

Cute animal desk lamps and lights are very kawaii. This kawaii cat lamp can even be your bedside table light as you read a book before bed. As a bonus, it lights up with different colors to match your room’s color scheme.

This Moon Wreath Is Peak Kawaii Goth Aesthetic

This crescent moon wreath is the perfect mix of the goth and kawaii aesthetics. Hang it up on your wall or your front door to let everyone know right away what your whole vibe is.

This Kawaii Tissue Box Will Make Watching TV Easier

If you use your phone to watch your favorite anime, you may want to get this super cool tissue box that looks like a TV and adds a kawaii pink aesthetic to your room. It has a place for you to put your phone, and you’ll have your tissues nearby if things get dramatic.

This Totoro Lamp To Add Some Kawaii Anime To Your Desk

Anything Studio Ghibli will fit in with your kawaii aesthetic, like this Totoro lamp. The lovable character from My Neighbor Totoro can be your neighbor as you work from home.

Snake Candle Holders Are Kawaii Goth Decor For Your Shelves

These snake candle holders are another example of the kawaii goth aesthetic. They have the bright colors of kawaii, but the sinisterness of a witchy goth vibe with the snakes. Add them to your bookshelves for that added pop of color.