Young woman with blue lipstick having the best week of June 21, 2021, per her zodiac sign.

3 Signs Will Experience So Much Joy The Week Of June 28

Party time.

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Now that the sun is in compassionate, loving, and intuitive Cancer, the cosmos are encouraging you to look inward. And when I say “look inward,” I don’t mean cancel all your plans and spend time by yourself (although that’s always within your rights), but I mean look inside your heart. What brings emotion to your current disposition? What makes you feel things deeply in this sea of so much numbness? Cancer season is about having the courage to care and care deeply. It’s only been Cancer season for about a week, but these zodiac signs will have the best week of June 28, 2021: Cancer, Leo, and Pisces.

As of June 27, Venus — planet of love, romance, and friendship — will be in Leo. If there’s anything that’s famous about fixed fire sign Leo, it’s that they love to party. Leo loves being the center of attention, which is why they’re associated with the arts, theatrics, and all the most flashy performances of affectionate available at your disposal. Basically, with Venus in Leo underway, you have every right to woo the love of your life, because everyone’s in the mood to be wooed. Go above and beyond when it comes to letting someone know how much you care about them. It will be so appreciated.

However, you can expect complications as Mars — planet of confidence — opposes Saturn — planet of limitations — on July 1, revealing all of the rules you may be too scared to break. No matter how much you may feel afraid of trying something new, you should remember that it’s just your fear talking; you have every right to try. Here’s how:

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Cancer: You’re The Reason For The Season

The sun is in Cancer, sweetie, which basically means you’re the star of the show. The cosmos are focusing all of their most potent and powerful vibrations directly upon you, showering you with confidence-inducing energy. However, the cosmos can’t make you feel confident all on your own. You may feel a slightly motivating spark burning beneath you, but it’s up to you to turn that spark into your very own fire. You have so much going for you, Cancer. You don’t need anyone’s approval but your own.

Leo: You’re Feeling More Attractive And Desirable Than Ever

If things are starting to feel more luxurious and romantic in your life lately, you have the cosmos to blame for it. After all, Venus is now in your zodiac sign, which means that the most stylish planet is bestowing you with its magic. Don’t be surprised if people are suddenly more interested in taking you out on dates — both romantic and platonic — and you’re randomly more in the mood to put more effort into your looks and your fashion sense. Venus is in Leo, baby, and it’s dubbing you the most attractive zodiac sign of all.

Pisces: You’re In The Midst Of A Beautiful And Bountiful Period

There’s no other way to slice it, Pisces. It’s just that you’re one of the luckiest zodiac signs around at the moment. Ever since Jupiter entered your zodiac sign, it’s been flushing the cosmos with mystical and enchanting energy, concentrating the majority of it in your direction. This is your opportunity to indulge in all the fabulous opportunities to have fun and embark on adventures. It’s also your opportunity to grow and expand your awareness. The world is truly your oyster.