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The June 2023 Full Strawberry Moon's Spiritual Meaning Is Expansive

Think bigger.

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If you’ve been feeling a little more scatterbrained than usual, it’s not a post-Mercury retrograde symptom; it’s most likely a side effect of the sun traveling through the chatty, curious sign of Gemini. Now that the steady, slow-moving energy of Taurus season is finally in the rearview, you can expect a surge in thoughts, ideas, and collecting information — so much so, that you’re probably in the middle of three different tasks at this very moment. Gemini season is all about engaging in dynamic conversations and asking questions as a way to stimulate the mind. As June’s full moon reaches its peak, you’ll not only get some answers, but what you discover will prompt you to expand your horizons past your usual POV. In addition to your findings being enlightening, the spiritual meaning of the June 2023 Strawberry Moon is illuminating the truth, no speculation needed.

What’s A Strawberry Moon?

June’s full moon is referred to as a “Strawberry Moon” not because it will take on a pink hue (sadly), but because it’s the most fortunate month for harvesting strawberries. So, while you’re gazing up at the final full moon of spring, you may also want to schedule a day to go strawberry picking. If you’re unable to find a strawberry field, not to worry — June’s full moon marks a great time for picking other berries as well, hence one of its other nicknames: “Berries Ripen Moon.”

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When Does The June Strawberry Moon Take Place?

On June 3 at 11:41 p.m. EST, the moon will illuminate the night sky in the expansive, knowledge-oriented sign of Sagittarius. This will place significant emphasis on everyone’s desire for truth, wisdom, and enlightenment, specifically in the Sagittarius-ruled house of your birth chart. Now is the time to embrace belief systems that liberate you, rather than keep you confined or stagnant, no matter how unrealistic they may seem. If you’ve been feeling limited by your current mindset or ideas, this full moon seeks to reignite the faith you have in yourself and in the world, so be sure to let yourself dream big.

Since Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, now is also an auspicious time for being spontaneous and taking risks. If you’ve been putting off taking a leap of faith, this full moon is a good time to trust in your abilities and take a chance. Sometimes simply mustering up the courage is half the battle, and you may even realize that the doubt or fear you’d been feeling was all in your head. The sky is the limit now.

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