Young woman in a pink hoodie having the best week of July 26, 2021, per her zodiac sign's horoscope.

The First Full Week Of Leo Season Will Be Smooth Sailing For 3 Zodiac Signs

You’ve got the power of the planets on your side.

Leo season is officially underway, and with this sparkling change comes so much fascinating energy from the brightest zodiac sign of all. Although, the beginning of the week may feel extra dramatic. (I mean, it is the season of Leo, the most dramatic zodiac sign.) As Mercury — planet of communication — opposes dark and sneaky Pluto on July 27, you may feel like negative thoughts keep rolling in, which just leads to negative interactions from others. But this energy won’t last forever, and if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of July 26, 2021 — Leo, Virgo, and Aquarius — you’ve got the power of the planets on your side.

The strength of Leo season will come alive even more deeply this week, and it all begins on July 27. This is when Mercury will enter Leo, which could lead to a boost in creativity, flare, and courage. Leo is symbolized by the lion, the animal that knows it’s the royalty of the jungle. With Mercury in Leo, you may feel yourself concocting and communicating with just as much confidence as the lion.

On July 28, Jupiter — planet of growth and expansion — will retrograde back into Aquarius. Although this means its spiritual stint in Pisces — Jupiter’s home zodiac sign — is coming to an end, it also means that greater emphasis will be placed on your ability to step up to the plate and become the mature adult you know you can be.

Mars will oppose Jupiter on July 29, bringing an additional kick of confidence and courage to your Leo season experience. Later that day, it will enter analytical and productive Virgo, pushing you toward a practical attitude toward your goals.

Here’s how the following zodiac signs can harness all of this energy for good:

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Leo: You’re Embracing Your Zest For Life And All Its Splendors

You’re revving the engine this week, Leo. You’re speaking with confidence and courage, and coming up with brilliant ideas. Unsurprisingly, you’re the star of the show. However, your relationships are become just as vibrant as you are. In fact, your fascination with the people you love will remind you of just how wanted and needed you really are. Take a good look at your relationships this week. They’re a reflection of who you are and who you’re becoming.

Virgo: You’re Feeling Confident, Energized, And In Love

Last week, luxurious and romantic Venus entered your zodiac sign, bringing you so much beautiful energy. You may feel more tempted to enjoy yourself and treat yourself now that the most sensual planet of all is powering your universe. However, as of this week, Mars is also entering Virgo, giving you a blast of energy and courage to throw into the mix. You may be feeling as though you’re getting to know yourself and all that you’re capable of all over again. Lean into it.

Aquarius: You’re Receiving A Gift From The Most Generous Planet

Jupiter is taking one last trip through Aquarius again and it starts this week. For the remainder of the year, the luckiest and most optimistic planet of all is moving through your first house of the self. You may even receive a gift from Aquarius throughout the process. Look out for new opportunities to create more experiences and improve yourself. Jupiter is inherently spontaneous and loves to spice things up. Look out for all the ways this beautiful gas giant will blow your mind.