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There Will Definitely Be Some Tension On The Night Of The July Full Moon

Oh, the *drama*.

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Be sure to wipe your lingering Cancer season tears away — Leo season is here to kick things off with a drama-filled bang. The emotional meaning of the July 2021 full moon is proof alone of all the excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm this fiery season promises, adding an invigorating flair to your summer endeavors.

This shake-you-by-the-shoulders energy reaches its peak on July 23, as the moon fills up with Leo-charged light in the opposite sign of Aquarius. Full moons always have a strong polarity to them, but this time around, the drastic difference in signs couldn’t be more emphasized. Leo is ruled by the sun, representing illumination and warmth; Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, representing restrictions and frigidity. It’s because of these opposing forces that the emotional meaning of the full moon in Aquarius will be urgently highlighting your need to express your unique individuality, and demanding that you seek balance between your need for an ego boost versus your need to be a part of something greater in your community. Since both of these signs are of a fixed modality, there will definitely be some tension here, so get ready.

Leo and Aquarius represent the axis of personal acknowledgement versus your role in your community. On July 23, you’ll be feeling that energy pretty heavily in the Leo and Aquarius-ruled houses of your birth chart. You’re finding a way to balance these desires without compromising your ego, which can be tricky. There tends to be a negative connotation associated with confidence, but without it, how can you live in your unique, Aquarian truths? This full moon in Aquarius is definitely doubling down on that important question, prompting you to consider what’s more important to you: authenticity or avoiding your ego altogether.

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The Full Moon In Aquarius Takes Places On July 23, 2021 At 10:36 p.m. ET

Aquarius is a sign of rebellion, authenticity, and community work; Leo is a sign all about soul acknowledgement, ego, and self-awareness. The full moon in Aquarius on July 23 will be illuminating your relationship with your friendships or groups you belong to in a way that’s revealing and potentially vulnerable. How good of a job are you doing when it comes to keeping your ego in check and showing up in spaces to serve and support others, while still acknowledging your self-worth? Full moons usually ask that you consider two sides of a coin — or in this case, your birth chart — to assess how you can find balance.

As the sun and moon square off on this day, I definitely suggest reflecting on your needs. Authenticity is everything, and the more you know what you bring to the table in your connections with others, the better you can show up in your relationships and communities.

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