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Jenna Ortega's Zodiac Sign Explains Why She Was Drawn To Wednesday Addams

This Venus placement does everything.

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If you’ve made it this far without watching Tim Burton’s new Netflix’s series, Wednesday, you’re missing out on history in the making. Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of the iconic Wednesday Addams, a 16-year-old goth girl with a wit dryer than Thanksgiving leftovers, currently has the world in a chokehold — and I’m certain that Wednesday herself wouldn’t have it any other way. The You actress has frequently spoken about being compared to the deadpan and sarcastic character since she was a young child (and may even have unknowingly spoken the role into existence back in her Disney days). As an astrologer, I had to look at how Jenna Ortega’s zodiac sign compares to her character’s, and let’s just say there’s a reason she’s so perfect in her role

If you consider yourself an astrology enthusiast, you might assume that Wednesday Addams is a Scorpio sun, which was my personal guess. According to the Addams’ Family Fandom Wiki, however, we’re not quite there: Wednesday Addams was born on Friday, Oct. 13, 2006, which would make her a Libra sun. While this sign wouldn’t have been my first choice for the character, it does make sense if you compare Wednesday’s chart to Ortega’s: Oftentimes when an actor plays a role incredibly well, you’re able to find some big similarities to the character they’re portraying when you pull their chart (Penn Badgley is a perfect example of this), and Ortega’s astrological makeup strongly confirms that it was written in the stars for her to play this role.

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What Is Jenna Ortega’s Zodiac Sign?

Born on Sept. 27, Ortega is a Libra sun, the Venus-ruled air sign of the zodiac. Libra individuals are social peacemakers, and they tend to avoid conflict at all costs. Their friendly, connection-oriented demeanor makes them pretty popular amongst their peers (Kim K also happens to be a Libra), and they tend to be highly artistic, relationship-oriented people.

What Is Wednesday Addams’ Zodiac Sign?

According to Tim Burton, Wednesday is a Libra sun, just like Ortega — but if you ask an astrologer, they would definitely say that Wednesday gives off major Scorpio vibes. She’s reserved, cautious, and incredibly private — which is a strong contrast to Libra’s Venusian, social butterfly persona. Sadly, we can’t pull her birth chart to fact check, but we can certainly take a look at Ortega’s chart for more clues.

Jenna Ortega’s Venus In Scorpio Makes Her Perfect For Wednesday

While Ortega has a Libra sun and Mercury, she has Venus in the passionate, discreet sign of Scorpio. Since Venus is the actor’s ruling planet, it plays a major role in her chart, which explains her attraction to this mysterious character. Venus in Scorpio individuals are drawn to all things intense; they’re far less interested in surface-level expressions of love or creativity. Since Venus is the planet that governs over pleasure, art, and relationships, the Wednesday actress likely saw herself in this character, in more ways than one. While Wednesday is *technically* considered to be a Libra, I strongly believe that if she had a birth chart, there definitely would be a planet or two in Scorpio.