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It’s The First Week Of 2022, But These 3 Zodiac Signs Are *Still* Processing 2021

They’re tying off loose ends.

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The holidays are all wrapped up, which means you’re finally starting a new chapter. However, just because you’re swapping out calendars and re-writing the date because you accidentally wrote “2021” instead of “2022”, doesn’t mean everything is suddenly different. After all, time isn’t linear, especially when you’re dealing with astrology. In fact, the zodiac signs who will have the worst week of January 3, 2022 — Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius — will still be working through the past instead of planning for the the future.

If the new year doesn’t exactly feel “new” yet, there’s an astrological reason for that. Venus — planet of love and money — is still retrograding through Capricorn, and retrogrades have a way of bringing up unfinished business. It’s not always the best time to get a running start, because it’s a much better time to retrace your steps and reflect on the memories that are still on your mind. This particular retrograde has a profound affect on your relationships, causing unresolved issues to resurface so you can hash things out and move forward. Although this retrograde isn’t easy, it’s paving the way for so much insight, kindness, and forgiveness on Jan. 5, when Venus forms a sextile with empathetic Neptune.

This week will also be challenging for another reason. On Jan. 3, expansive Jupiter will square off with the North Node of destiny, which may put you at a crossroads. It may be time to start believing in what *can* be instead of remaining in a place that feels predictable and familiar. Be brave, because you won’t regret it.

If sun or rising sign falls under any of the following zodiac signs, here’s why the first week of 2022 may be a *lot*:


Gemini: You’re Approaching A Major Opportunity For Growth

As the North Node of destiny moves through the final degrees of Gemini, you’re working hard to become your best self. Even if it doesn’t feel like you’re doing much improving, have faith that you are. In fact, this week, a challenge may arise that leads to a pivotal transition in your life. As expansive Jupiter forms a trine with the North Node this week, you’re approaching an opportunity to take one path instead of another. Listen to your intuition, because deep down, you know which path truly aligns with your purpose.

Cancer: You’re Seeing From Someone Else’s Perspective

Ever since Venus stationed retrograde last month, you’ve been reflecting on the way your relationships have been functioning. Recurring issues may even arise, forcing you to identify the way you give and receive love. You may feel firm in your stance, especially as it pertains to your partner, friend, or lover. However, this week, you get a glimpse into how they feel about the situation. Remain open to the idea that there’s more to the story and more to consider. Not every conflict is someone’s fault. Sometimes, it’s just a misunderstanding.

Aquarius: You May Be Looking Through Rose-colored Glasses

As Venus retrograde continues to spiral through your intuitive 12th house, it’s time to explore the way you perceive your relationships through your imagination. This week, you may ruminate over something from your romantic past, such as a wound that’s never healed or a lover that you miss. You may even feel tempted to rewrite history to make it sound more beautiful. However, you may also feel the urge to protect yourself by focusing solely on the bad and none of the good. Your imagination may create your reality, but the way you’re perceiving love and loss right now is not permanent. These perceptions are temporary, and with time and patience, they can be changed.