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The Second Week Of 2022 Will Be Even Messier Than The First For Every Zodiac Sign

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By now, you might be rethinking some of your New Year’s resolutions. You probably set the bar pretty high, and with how strange things have been lately, it’s understandable if you feel stagnant. At the moment, astrology is pulling you backward no matter how hard you’re trying to move forward. Your January 10, 2022 weekly horoscope is all about working with the cosmic currents rather than pushing against them. Breathe. There’s no need to rush.

Instead of jumping straight into the deep end, why not gradually get used to the water? On Jan. 10, the ambitious Capricorn sun will sextile dreamy Neptune, encouraging you to embrace a more spiritual and imaginative outlook on your situation. Sometimes, a more passive approach can have a more potent impact than acting too soon will. Take things nice and easy. Soak in the present moment.

You might want to reserve your more taxing undertakings for another time. By Jan. 11, passionate Mars will square off with hazy Neptune, which can leave you feeling foggy, tired, and distracted. Don’t judge yourself for needing to do nothing for a little while, because the constant pressure to stay busy and keep going isn’t always helpful. Embrace how restful and healing it can be to sign off and disconnect.

However, you might want to back up important documents and pack an extra set of batteries by Jan. 14. This is when Mercury — planet of communication and connection — will station retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius. This retrograde could have a major impact on public discourse, social media, and your community dynamics, revealing where you can improve as a member of your circle. It will also reveal where you should retain more of your independence and identity, because you should never feel like conforming is a requirement.

On Jan. 16, the sun will join forces with Pluto in determined and pragmatic Capricorn. This conjunction could be just as strengthening as it feels volatile, because it’s encouraging you to make a drastic and dramatic move. Sometimes, you need to let something go before you can tap into the power you didn’t realize you could have. Think about what could you release from your life. Think about how you can make room for something brighter.

Every zodiac sign is feeling transformative this week. Here’s why:

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You might feel so swept up in the big picture that you’re overlooking so many of the smaller, more intricate details. Reserve time to let yourself imagine, brainstorm, and daydream, but remember to take a moment to pin things down when you’re ready. The more you take notes, the more you’ll be able to recall later so you can get as close as possible to your original idea. Trust your intuition this week, because your professional instincts are right on target.


You may run into career complications this week, especially when it comes to your ability to communicate clearly and put projects in motion. If there was ever a time to check things twice, it’s now. And if you usually have a plan B, make sure you have a plan C too. However, an issue that seems pressing may not be as difficult to solve as you might think. All you need to embrace is a slight shift in perspective.


This week, you may find it more challenging to get on the same page as someone than usual. However, may not be as they seem on the surface, so don’t be quick to judge something that can be interpreted many other ways. Getting answers to your questions and nailing down the facts may take more time than you were hoping, so embrace where you are now. You don’t need to have everything figured out yet.


Following a set of guidelines may deflate all your stamina this week. You may prefer to go off the beaten path; to take an alternate route or follow your steps in a different order. There’s no need to do things the “right” way. In fact, it may be time to let someone else take over the wheel; someone you trust. Take a moment to recognize the way power dynamics are constantly shifting, and if you embrace it, these dynamics eventually become harmony.

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This week, you may feel enticed to take things to the next level. You may love the dopamine you’re getting from another person or from a creative endeavor, but the methods you choose to satiate your desires with can make all the difference. Make sure you’re getting someone else’s perspective, especially in regards to your situation together. Just because *you* think you know how they feel doesn’t mean you actually understand it.


This week, you may have trouble differentiating who you *can* trust from who has yet to earn your trust. Let history speak for itself, because although you may be capable of being persuaded, some facts can certainly be verified. When in doubt, remember to maintain a more practical understanding of the situation. Focus on what isn’t up for interpretation and be realistic about what you can offer. It’s much better to underpromise and over deliver.


Your energy levels may feel somewhat unpredictable this week. When you overdo it, you might deplete stamina that you’ll need later. If something feels like an unnecessary weight, don’t pressure yourself to carry it. You might worry that your expectations are either too high or not high enough, but that doesn’t matter right now. If you choose not to take it personally when those expectations aren’t met, you can set your boundaries without apology.


You might feel an insatiable desire to make things bigger and better. Your passion and certainty could make you somewhat overconfident, so remember to make decisions with your future self in mind. Rediscover what makes you feel “whole”, because you already are. If you rely on something external and unpredictable for comfort, your comfort will always come and go. Luckily, you’re also capable of comforting yourself in a way that is deeper and far more reliable.

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You may feel the impulse to assert yourself and define your individuality. However, you might also feel pressured into repeating patterns you’ve long outgrown. Try distancing yourself from what triggers these impulses. It takes time to replace old habits with new ones. Before taking action or speaking your mind, concentrate on your intention this week. If you keep that intention in mind, you’ll have a better chance of getting it right the first time.


This week, you could embrace so much healing by opening up about how you feel with someone you trust. There may be repressed emotions beneath the surface, and if you haven’t shown someone how your truth, you can’t expect them to understand it. At the end of the day, someone can validate your feelings, but they aren’t capable of alleviating them. No one knows you better than you do, so ask yourself what you want and give yourself what you need.


You’re learning a lot about your ability to change your reality through your imagination. You’re also learning about appreciating what you already have instead of craving escape. Things come and go, situations evolve, and what always remains is you. However, this week, you’re realizing that keeping things the same isn’t always the safer option. Eventually, you get to a point where your comfort zone stops being comfortable, forcing you to leave it behind.


You may feel ready to adventure far away from reality this week. However, there’s a difference between embracing a new experience and losing yourself to it . Make sure to remember who you are, even when you feel the impulse to adapt to your surroundings. Surround yourself with the people who know you and remind you of who you are. Take a break from the places that make you feel like changing yourself to become a more palatable personality for others.