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A woman celebrates her birthday with an its my birthday meme.

Let Everyone Know It’s A Big Day With The Perfect “It's My Birthday” Meme

It’s the perfect time to channel your inner Rihanna.

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It’s officially your birthday, and you’re ready to celebrate — and get everyone else in on the festivities as well. Since it’s such a big day, you want to let everyone know you’re heading into a new chapter while simultaneously giving your BFFs some insight into your feelings about turning a year older. Luckily, these “it’s my birthday” memes make it so easy (and LOL-worthy) to do so while also alerting the masses that it’s your day to be showered with love and well wishes. Since you love celebrating your birthday just as much as you love ice cream and sparkling candles on your birthday cake, you’ll need the perfect birthday meme to illustrate your celebratory vibes, and these funny “it’s my birthday memes” will definitely take the cake.

After all, when someone posts the viral meme of Rihanna wearing a crown or a LOL-worthy pic of a dog wearing a party hat, you can seriously relate on your birthday. By sharing some “it’s my birthday” memes to your feed, it can even help to remind your friends and followers to wish you a “happy birthday” if they don’t already have the date circled in red on their calendars.

On your big day, you may choose to keep it simple by heading to a birthday dinner with your partner or bestie in a cute new ‘fit, or you may go all out with a birthday party that serves themed drinks named after you. Like all birthday celebration are unique, these birthday memes are also different depending on your mood and vibe. So, scroll through and find the best birthday meme that relates to how you want to announce and celebrate turning one year older.

It’s My Birthday Memes Announcing Your Big Day

An easy meme to share on your birthday is just a simple announcement that lets everyone know that you’ve hit a milestone. If you feel the need to exclaim “it’s my birthday” every time you walk into a room, you’ll definitely want to share a few of these funny birthday memes to your Twitter feed. Some of them even enlist the help of your fave celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber to help make your announcement special.

It’s My Birthday Memes About Turning It Up

If you’re ready to party, let your followers know with one of these hilarious birthday memes about turning it up. As 50 Cent once said, “We gon' party like it's your birthday,” so why not post on social media to show what your plans are?

It’s My Birthday Memes About Your Birthday Attitude

It’s your birthday, and embracing your inner queen heading into a new year. Go celebrate your birthday self and wear that crown you deserve. After all, the world was made a better place because you were born on this day.

It’s My Birthday Memes About Getting Another Year Older

While some people may dread their birthday because they’re getting older, you see it as you’re just getting better with age. As they say, you’re like a fine wine, and you’ll really appreciate these birthday memes about aging gracefully. You may even laugh and want to exclaim #same when sharing a few of the most relatable ones.