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How to get your Instagram Top Nine and Best Nine for 2022.

How To Get Your Instagram Top Nine & Best Nine For 2022

Close the book on 2022 with your top pics.


The countdown to 2023 has begun, but not before taking a look back at your 2022. You’ve seen Spotify Wrapped, BeReal Recap, Instagram’s Recap Reel, but don’t sleep on Top Nine and Best Nine. Yeah, they apps are old school — the trend of sharing your top nine posts from the past year started in 2016 — but classics stick around for a reason. Both apps are back for 2022, and they’ll lead you to some great mems. To round up your best photos and videos in a grid that’s ready for you to share in an instant, here’s how you can get your Instagram Top Nine and Best Nine for 2022.

Before you get started, you probably already know Top Nine and Best Nine aren’t officially affiliated with Instagram, but they use your account to get you the round-ups. There are ~several~ ways you can get your top nine, but the OG app that came up with the trend is Top Nine, per its website they claim to be “the original Top Nine creator.” Other apps such as Top 9 Posts For Instagram 2022 and Top Nine: Best of 2022 Collage are good alternative options, but they will require an in-app purchase whereas Top Nine is free (yay!). This year, the app is removed its watermarks so your photos will be the center of attention. In the everlasting battle between end-of-year photo round-ups, there’s also Best Nine, which is also free, but Best Nine has a small watermark in the bottom right corner. (You can remove it with a one-time free of $3.99 for Best Nine PLUS or $1.99 per year.) Basically, the trend caught on real hard after 2016, and now, you have a lot of options for finding out which pics people liked most throughout the year.

The apps work by analyzing your likes and highlighting nine pieces of top performing content, aka your selfies, pics of your dog, and all the vacays you hit. It’ll show you the number of likes you received on each post before you share your top nine grid, so you know which posts got all the love. There’s only 1 days left in 2022 (can you believe it?), so hop on the top nine trend before NYE and look back on your year in photos.

Top Nine

How To Get Instagram Top Nine

You can create your Top Nine in a matter of seconds — yes, it’s really that easy. There are two ways to get your Top Nine, from the mobile app or its website. You won’t need to enter your Instagram password or login to your account, so if you’re on an app or site that requires your password, leave immediately. All you need is your IG username, and follow this step-by-step on how to get your Instagram Top Nine.

  • Download Top Nine from the App Store or visit the website.
  • Type in your Instagram username.
  • Hit continue and watch the app generate your Top Nine grid.
  • If you’re using a mobile device, you can change your template by choosing from the designs available.
  • Hit continue again, and you’ll be able to save and share your Top Nine!

How To Get Instagram Best Nine

The Best Nine app from 2021’s trend is sadly no longer available in the app store or online. However, you can use this alternative Best Nine Photos of 2022 app for the same results. Here’s a step-by-step on how to get your Best Nine.

  • Download Best Nine Photos of 2022 from the App Store.
  • Open the app and enter your Instagram username.
  • It may take a few minutes for the Best Nine grid to analyze your photos and videos. Go back to IG and scroll for a few minutes while the app works its magic.
  • Once it has finished analyzing, hit the “Generate my Best Nine” button.
  • You can change the background color, text color, and other settings before finalizing your grid.
  • Click the share button on the top right corner to save your Best Nine to your photo album or share directly on social media.
Best Nine

Both apps are free to use and you can recreate the top nine grid for as many accounts as you’d like. There are tons of creative templates in the mobile app you can choose from to make your top nine stand out from the rest. There might be over 15 million Top Nine grids out there, per the app, but none are the same because your 2022 is uniquely you.