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Use some ice quotes as captions for Instagram.

60 Ice Puns To Use As Instagram Captions On Your Coolest Shots

It’s always ice to be prepared.

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Winter is no longer coming — it’s here! That’s right, it’s officially cozy sweater everyday kind of weather outside. Whether you live in a place with tons of snow or not, you’re just excited to take part in all the wintertime activities once again. One thing that a lot of these activities have in common is the ice, so it just makes sense to have some ice puns ready to go for all your adventures, from ice skating to snow sledding.

A good ice pun is more necessary than you think, especially when you’re trying to come up with a clever Instagram caption. Since you’re always trying to find that right words to match whatever snap you’re posting, all you need to do is find a pun that is relevant. For any pics taken in the winter, an ice quote or two will work n-icely.

It could be a photo of you and your partner going for a snow hike or relaxing at a ski resort in the mountains. Some ice captions for Instagram will also fit in with your holiday celebrations, or just a selfie in your fave crewneck sweater. You could even save some of these 60 ice puns to use all year long with those sippin’ selfies of iced drinks and cocktails. Basically, if there is something chilly involved, any of these ice captions will be a cool choice.

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  1. “It was ice to see you.”
  2. “It’s ice to have a friend like you.”
  3. “Have an ice day.”
  4. “Icy what you did there.”
  5. “It must have slipped my mind.”
  6. “I’ve got an ice up my sleeve.”
  7. “Don’t call ice, we’ll call you.”
  8. “What an ice thing to say.”
  9. “It’s so beautiful. It could bring tears to your ice.”
  10. “I’m on the ice list this year.”
  11. “Before your very ice.”
  12. “Of ice and men.”
  13. “Any way you ice it.”
  14. “I’m looking to ice things up.”
  15. “If it’s broken, igloo it back together.”
  16. “Variety is the ice of life.”
  17. “What an ice pic of the two of us.”
  18. “Icy your true colors.”
  19. “Sorry for giving you the cold shoulder.”
  20. “Calling them like icy them.”
  21. “He’s making a list and checking it ice.”
  22. “Any way the wind froze.”
  23. “Lately, I've been feelin' so cool.” — Jonas Brothers, “Cool”
  24. “Sorry, ice cream when I’m excited.”
  25. “Strike a froze.”
  26. “Just chillin’.”
  27. “It’s snow laughing matter.”
  28. “With ice cream, anything is popsicle.”
  29. “Freeze things happen all the time.”
  30. “All I chilly want to do is spend time with you.”
  31. “An icicle built for two.”
  32. “We wintry that way.”
  33. “The blizzard of Oz.”
  34. “I only have ice for you.”
  35. “This ice was water before it was cool.”
  36. “I’m always very chill.”
  37. “Everyone’s a winter here.”
  38. “Back to cool.”
  39. “Don’t cold your breath.”
  40. “You’ve got to freeze the day.”
  41. “Freeze things happen all the time.”
  42. “Are you friends or froze?”
  43. “I am the frozen one.”
  44. “Let’s ice things up.”
  45. “The best thing since iced bread.”
  46. “Icy as ABC.”
  47. “It’s not icy being this cool.”
  48. “Icy come, icy go.”
  49. “Icy does it.”
  50. “Ice versa.”
  51. “Avert your ice.”
  52. “Let’s roll the ice.”
  53. “That’s the ice you pay.”
  54. “Here’s just an ice of life pic.”
  55. “Once or ice.”
  56. “I’m just calling ‘em as icy ‘em.”
  57. “Can’t snow me down.”
  58. “We’re right on the snows.”
  59. “All dressed up and snowhere to go.”
  60. “At a moment’s snow-tice.”

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