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These funny sleigh quotes include Christmas puns as captions for Instagram.

50 Sleigh Puns For When You Have Snow Much Love To Show Your Feed

It goes without sleighing that your friends will love these puns.

by Andrea Hannah
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Between twinkling tree lights and cozy gatherings, the opportunity for some #holidayaesthetic photos is too good during the holiday season. Once you snap that snowy landscape, the only thing left to do is find the perfect Christmas pun to delight your friends and followers. And what better way to sleigh it than with a clever Christmas sleigh pun to use as a festive Instagram caption?

Honestly, you don’t even need snow to pull off a sleigh pun. There’s so much potential to show off your wrapping skills with a photo of flawlessly wrapped presents and the caption, “Absolutely sleighing it this year.” Or, if gift-wrapping isn’t one of your natural talents, you can always show off your tree-decorating ability or a batch of freshly baked Christmas cookies. After all, if you sleigh, say it with these December puns.

That said, the holiday season is all about recognizing the ones you love, so don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family when they’re sleighing it, too. Post a pic to Instagram of you and your BFF cracking up, and the caption, “You sleigh me.” Or why not tag your mom in a festive photo and list all the reasons that the queen is sleighing it, during Christmas and always. Honestly, using sleigh puns for captions is a great addition to any social media post because they’re both funny and sweet. Plus, it’s just nice to recognize your loved ones for all they do and have done throughout the year by reminding them that they’re doing great.

It doesn’t matter if you’re snapping photos of a crackling hearth or a chaotic Christmas party — a perfectly placed sleigh pun will help you capture the memory with just the right mood. Not sure how to sleigh it with the right pun? Scroll through these cute and clever sleigh puns before your next post.

  1. “Sleigh it ain’t snow.”
  2. “I sleigh, I sleigh, I sleigh.”
  3. “Sleigh my name, sleigh my name.”
  4. “I know how to sleigh Christmas.”
  5. “Sleighin’ it this year.”
  6. “Sleigh, queen.”
  7. “Sleigh all day.”
  8. “Sleigh, what?!”
  9. “You sleigh me.”
  10. “Do as I sleigh, not as I do.”
  11. “Just sleigh the word and I’m there.”
  12. “It goes without sleighing, but I love you.”
  13. “Let’s not and say we did.”
  14. “You sleigh me.”
  15. “I have the final sleigh.”
  16. “They see me sleighin’, they hatin’.”
  17. “Just sleighing the holiday spirit.”
  18. “Sleighing away from the Grinches this year.”
  19. “Sleigh it like you mean it.”
  20. “Ready to sleigh the competition.”
  21. “As the sleighing goes, may your holiday be merry and bright.”
  22. “Never sleigh never.”
  23. “Sleigh it loud and proud.”
  24. “Sleigh what you mean and mean what you sleigh.”
  25. “Well, I’ll sleigh.”
  26. “Sleigh again?”
  27. “Honestly, that’s sleighing something.”
  28. “Christmas puns sleigh me.”
  29. “No one sleighs like Santa.”
  30. “You really know how to sleigh the Christmas game.”
  31. “Rudolph with your vibes so right; won’t you help me sleigh tonight?”
  32. “Sleighed by the bell.”
  33. “Sleighers gonna sleigh.”
  34. “Don’t be a sleigher.”
  35. “Let’s sleigh it tonight, fam.”
  36. “Sleigh what’s in your heart this Christmas.”
  37. “All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies.”
  38. “Can’t afford it? Put it on sleigh-away.”
  39. “Santa can’t take a nonstop, he has to take a sleigh-over.”
  40. “Sleigh me away.”
  41. “Riding in Santa’s sleigh tonight.”
  42. “Hold onto the sleigh for deer life.”
  43. “Hop in the sleigh, we’re going Christmas shopping.”
  44. “Cruising through town in my sleigh tonight.”
  45. “New sleigh for Christmas, how about you?”
  46. “Santa sleighed Christmas this year.”
  47. “Hop in my sleigh!”
  48. “I prefer to take the sleigh tonight.”
  49. “There’s snow place like home for the holidays.”
  50. “‘Tis the ski-son for sleighing holiday gifts.”

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