The ice cube tray pancake hack from TikTok will save you time in the morning.

TikTok's Ice Cube Tray Pancake Hack Is Genius For Lazy Girls

Feel free to hit that snooze button before breakfast.

Seriously, where would we be without TikTok? The app has become a go-to resource for trendy recipes and kitchen hacks over the years. One specific corner of foodie TikTok is dedicated to ice cube recipes, and one ice cube tray pancake hack that’s trending on TikTok is a genius idea for anyone looking to cut some time from their morning routine without sacrificing breakfast.

#FoodTok fans know that silicone ice cube trays and molds are perfect for making coffee ice cubes that don’t dilute througout the day or ‘Gram-worthy drinks with frozen edible flowers and fruit. According to TikToker @justataste, your ice cube tray is also the perfect way to make mini frozen cubes of pancake batter that are ready to go in the morning. A home cooked breakfast always sounds great in theory, but actually waking up early, prepping, and cleaning up after yourself is a lot of work before your first cup of coffee. The ice cube tray pancake hack is not only the easiest way to make pancakes, but it may also save you time on the clean-up as well.

TikTok’s Ice Cube Tray Pancake Hack


To get in on TikTok’s pancake hack, you need to do is pre-make a batch of pancake batter, then place it in your ice cube tray and freeze overnight. In the morning, just pop out however many pancakes you want from the tray and heat them up in a pan on low heat to cook. It’s that simple. You could even meal prep pancakes for the entire week so you don’t have to worry about breakfast at all.

You also don’t need to get a special kind of batter or ice cube tray. While TikToker @justataste says any batter or ice cube tray size will do, if you’d like a bigger stack of fluffy pancakes, you might want to go with a large-sized mold ($13, Amazon). The fun of this pancake hack is that you also get a chance to add your fave toppings in as well. For their TikTok pancake recipe, @justataste uses blueberries and chocolate chips, but you could also include bananas, strawberries, nuts, or even bacon bits for a sweet and savory stack. For holidays coming up like Valentine’s Day, feel free to get creative with sprinkles or food coloring. A plate of chocolate and raspberry pink pancakes for your partner’s breakfast in bed in a sweet idea for Feb. 14.

Lazy girls will love this hack — since you already made your batter ahead of time, you won’t need to bother with cleaning up any extra bowls in the morning. Just return your tray of remaining pancake cubes back in the fridge to use another day and you’re good to go. It’s that flippin’ easy.