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The TikTok fresh start feature allows you to refresh your FYP to fix your algorithm and recommendati...

How Can I Refresh My TikTok FYP? A New Feature Can Fix Your Feed

For when your “For You” page is not really for you.

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There is nothing better than curating a FYP to your specific interests. The accuracy of the algorithm is part of the reason why TikTok has become so successful. However, liking one video can really throw off that algorithm as well. If that happens to you, you might be wondering, how can I refresh my TikTok “for you” page? Until now, that wasn’t a possibility, but TikTok has just unveiled a feature that allows you to do a fresh start of your FYP.

This new feature will allow you to refresh your recommendations and start over your “For You” feed. Instead of seeing very niche #BookTok recommendations or memes you’d have a hard time explaining to anyone not on TikTok, with a fresh start, you’ll only be served the most popular videos on the app. This could cover a range of hobbies and interests.

Unfortunately, that means you may be served videos you aren’t interested in or don’t find funny at all. That’s the risk you’re taking with restarting your feed, but the more videos you do like, the more you’ll find your corner of TikTok once again. This is when your FYP will truly be a for you page. And hopefully, this time around, you’ll want to stay there.

Why Isn't My TikTok FYP Refreshing?

This new feature from TikTok isn’t automatically added to your account. While swiping down can refresh your TikTok FYP and present you with a new video, it won’t clear out your current recommendations. To get the official fresh start, you’ll need to actually go into your settings and manually activate it.


To access the fresh start option on TikTok, all you need to do is go into your settings. Under “content preferences,” you’ll see “refresh your For You feed.” Click on that and it will bring you to a page where you can confirm that you would like a refresh of your FYP.

Your new FYP will launch with the app’s most popular videos. Don’t worry about things like your following page or profile. A For You fresh start will only affect the FYP. The rest will remain the same.

The content preferences section also allows you to filter out certain keywords as well, so you won’t be served any videos that have those words in the description or used as stickers. You can also turn on restrictive mode, which will block videos that TikTok thinks are inappropriate. There’s even an option to hide certain accounts so they never show up on your FYP.

How To Reset Your TikTok FYP Without A Full Restart

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A fresh start may sound scary for anyone who has found a special corner of TikTok they love. For instance, Skai Jackson shared with Elite Daily that she’s currently on the “clownery side of TikTok,” which she loves because it cracks her up. It can take several scroll sessions to find a side of TikTok you love and feel safe in, so a complete restart may not be what you need.

For situations where there is a certain TikTok sound or trend that keeps popping up on your FYP that you find annoying, you can always hold down onto the video until a menu pops up. From there, select “not interested” to let TikTok know you’d like to see less of that kind of content. That may be a better way to steer things in the right direction instead of just starting over.

However, if you have a certain coworker or friend who keeps sending you terrible TikToks that really throw off your algorithm, it might be time to start completely anew. You’ll also want to let that friend or acquaintance know “thanks, but no thanks” when it comes to sharing TikTok videos. Once you do have a FYP that was made just for you and features your unique sense of humor, it’ll be a place you’ll never want to leave again.

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