A woman makes a snow cream recipe from TikTok.
These Recipes For TikTok's Viral Snow Cream Are Snow Good

All you need are four ingredients.


A fresh fall of snow could mean it’s time to grab your sled for a fun day with your friends or a shovel to clear a path in your driveway. For many TikTokers, though, it seems a snowy day is also a good time to prepare a delicious at-home treat. You just need to know how to make TikTok’s snow cream recipe to whip up the wintry magic in your own kitchen.

The simple recipe for homemade ice cream using fresh snow is currently trending on the video-sharing app as the winter season continues. For many people, snow cream is a fun treat they used to make as kids, so it’s full of nostalgia and good memories. However, if you didn’t grow up in a place where it snowed often, you may be new to snow cream in general. If it’s currently a winter wonderland outside, this is the perfect opportunity to finally learn how how to make snow cream from TikTok to try for yourself.

Of course, as many TikTokers will warn you, eating actual snow can be tricky. You want fresh, clean snow, so it helps to collect it using a bowl you leave outside or scooping up a new layer that’s not on the ground. If you are really worried about the safety of the snow in your backyard, you can always just make shaved ice as it’s very similar and will give you the same snow cream taste. For people in warmer locations where a snowy winter is more a dream come true than a reality, shaved ice will need to be your go-to for your snow cream recipe as well.

Once you’ve got the fresh snow or shaved ice collected, you’ll also need the following ingredients to make the snow cream recipe:

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract

According to TikToker @kalireigh, all you need to do is stir those ingredients together in a bowl and you’ve got yourself some vanilla snow cream. Once you nail down the basic snow cream recipe, you may even want to get creative and try a few of these additional snow cream recipes from TikTok with different flavors and toppings.

Add Sprinkles On Top Of Your Snow Cream

If you’re all about presentation, add some colorful sprinkles on top of your snow cream like TikToker @sugarpusher. While they may not add much to the flavor, they will make your foodie pics and TikToks of your snow cream pop on your feed. With Valentine’s Day coming up in February, you could even sprinkle on some festive Fancy Sprinkles ($12) on top for a sweet treat to give your partner.

Chocolate Chip Snow Cream Recipe

A chocolate chip version of snow cream is so simple to make. All you need to do is add in a bag of chocolate chips in either milk chocolate or semi sweet like TikToker @sipstosugars. There’s also Butterscotch, Funfetti, and Chocolate and Peanut Butter chips if you really want to get creative.

Swap In Some Maple Syrup With This TikTok Snow Cream Recipe

Instead of sugar, TikToker @xjessicahsu uses maple syrup. You can also mix everything together in one mug for a single serving of maple syrup snow cream.

This Snow Cream Recipe Uses Heavy Whipping Cream

For this recipe from TikToker @ailis.mae’s childhood, you’ll want to use heavy whipping cream instead of milk for your snow cream. Another great tip from @ailis.mae is to not pack down the snow in your bowl as you’re collecting it, ensuring that it stays fluffy.

Hot Cocoa Snow Cream Recipe

On your next snow day, treat yourself to both hot cocoa and snow cream with this recipe from TikToker @_tori_ann_. After making regular vanilla snow cream, @_tori_ann_’s favorite hack is to sprinkle some hot cocoa powder on top. It creates this homemade frozen hot chocolate that you’ll want to eat all season long.

Chocolate Snow Cream Recipe

Calling all chocolate lovers — you’ll want to try this chocolate snow cream recipe from TikToker @ywmfamily. Instead of the vanilla extract, you’ll just mix together your heavy whipping cream with chocolate sauce before adding in the snow (or shaved iced). Mixing this with your roomies will be a chocolot of fun.

Chocolate Snow Cream Sundae

Another chocolate snow cream recipe comes from TikToker @foodwithfeeling. This one uses cocoa powder instead of chocolate sauce, but is just as delicious. You can even top it off with hot fudge and sprinkles like @foodwithfeeling does for a snow cream sundae. One idea is to have a toppings bar as you and your roomies make snow cream together.

Coffee Snow Cream

For a treat first thing in the morning, try this coffee snow cream recipe from TikToker @littlebeancoffee. All you need to do is mix in some cold coffee with your milk, sugar, and vanilla, plus a dash of salt before adding to your snow. Enjoy and you’re ready to start your day!