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How To Get BARK's Dog Macaron Cookies For The Cutest Valentine's Treat

Emily Cooper would approve.

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The Emily In Paris influence knows no bounds. Case in point: BARK’s new dog-friendly macarons. Rather than throwing a brown-colored lump at your pup, you can opt for a more aesthetic treat this Valentine’s Day. Dog food and toy company BARK released a new dog cookie for a special V-Day treat your furry friends will love, and they’re available for everyone to buy — not only BarkBox subscribers. Here’s how to get BARK’s Le Mutt Macaron cookies for dogs to make your four-legged pal feel like they’re the most loved pet in the world.

If ever there was an occasion to “do it for the ‘Gram,” it’s when your dog’s BARK macarons are delivered. Each box comes with four dog treats (shaped like pink macarons, of course), and they’re packaged in adorable pink striped boxes. While they look like they’re straight out of a French bakery, the dog treats are made with applesauce, flaxseed, honey, peanuts, and coconut. It can be easy to overdo it on the treats when you celebrate a holiday basically built around candy, but you can make sure your dog gets the right amount by making the macaron even smaller if you need to. To separate it into a smaller bite, simply microwave the cookie for 20 seconds and twist apart.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, you can invite your pup with the BARK macarons’ secret message written inside the box. It reads, “Voulez-vous to chew avec moi ce soir?” When translated from French to English, it means, “Do you want to chew with me tonight?” Your pup might not parle français, but the treats speak for themselves, and you’ll have a V-Day date in no time.


How To Get BARK’s Dog Macarons

The Le Mutt Macarons are available on BARK’s website for $15 for a box of four.

With A BarkBox Subscription

Simply add the macarons to your February BarkBox by Jan. 30 to make sure it gets to your dog in time for Valentine’s Day.

Without A BarkBox Subscription

You can still get the Le Mutt Macarons without a subscription, or if you missed your chance to get it in your February box. Snag the treats on the BARK Food site directly until Feb. 14.

You don’t need a special occasion to shower your dogs with love, but it’s always nice to show your pup how special they are to you. And what’s more special than a pink cookie Emily Cooper herself would probably approve of?

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