A couple snaps a selfie with a reindeer after booking an Uber Sleigh ride.

How To Book Uber Sleigh Rides For Free If You Have Winter Wanderlust

Your own Hallmark movie moment, complete with some reindeer.

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You’ve heard of Uber Premier and Uber Black as luxurious ways to travel, but just in time for the holidays, you can now request an Uber Sleigh for the ultimate experience. That’s right, the “world’s first on-demand reindeer sleigh” will be an option this December for some lucky travelers. Instead of a car taking you from point A to point B, it’ll be a sleigh pulled by one of Santa’s very own reindeer. Talk about a Christmas miracle. If you want to get in on this holiday magic, you’ll need to know how to book Uber Sleigh rides for 2022.

First of all, Uber Sleigh is one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for those with wanderlust — and a passport. That’s because it’s only being offered in Lapland, Finland. Lapland is home to Rovaniemi, which, if you didn’t know, is the hometown of Santa Claus himself. According to Uber, interest in traveling to Rovaniemi has increased this year, which means you might as well add it to your travel bucket list. During the most magical time of the year, you can explore the “North Pole,” meet Santa, and see the Northern Lights. Let’s not forget, for a limited time, you can also catch a free Uber Sleigh that will take you on a magical journey that will give even the best romantic Christmas movies a run for their money.

How To Book An Uber Sleigh Ride For Free


Booking an Uber Sleigh will be very similar to how to summon a car to pick you up on a Friday night. All you need to do is request a sleigh on your Uber app, but rides will be limited. Uber Sleigh will only be running Dec. 12 through Dec. 18 during two time slots each day — 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. UTC, so you’ll need to hail your reindeer during those times to take part.

While Uber Sleigh will be exclusive, you don’t have to worry about expensive surcharges. Consider yourself on the nice list this year, because all Uber Sleigh rides will be totally free.

What Is Uber Sleigh, And Where Can You Go?


Once you’ve booked your Uber Sleigh, you might be wondering where your reindeer will take you. Well, each ride is two hours long, and will take you on a journey through the winter wonderland that is Lapland’s snow-covered forests. You’ll also get a tour of Rovaniemi — aka Santa’s village. It doesn’t say whether or not you’ll be able to explore Rovaniemi once you get there or if you’ll just be riding around, but the city is definitely worth a visit during your trip.

In town, you can write letters to Santa and drop them off at the local post office or grab a meal in a giant igloo restaurant, Snowland. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up some last-minute holiday gifts for all your friends and family. Of course, your Uber Sleigh will be the main attraction of your vacay.

During your trip, you’ll be given a blanket to stay warm. If you’re riding around with your partner, it’ll be really sweet to cuddle close as you take in the gorgeous snowy landscape. It may even remind you of the scene from Gilmore Girls when Jess hops in the sleigh with Rory. So, sing your favorite holiday tunes and grab some selfies to post on Insta with sleigh puns. Just don’t forget to also get a few pics of your reindeer. There’s no contest — they’ll be the cutest Uber driver you’ve ever had, and a pic with them will be so deer on your feed as well.

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