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Check out these "add yours" Instagram sticker prompts to get in the Christmas spirit.
10 Holiday “Add Yours” Prompts On Instagram That’ll Spread Cheer On Your Story

Give the new IG feature a festive twist.

by Andrea Hannah
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The tree is lit, the presents are wrapped, and the only thing left to do is share the holiday magic with the people you love most. Now that Instagram has included the “Add Yours” sticker in their Nov. 1 update, spreading the Christmas spirit with your feed is easier than ever. These fun and festive holiday “Add Yours” Instagram ideas will help you get started.

ICYMI, Instagram first rolled out the “Add Yours” Instagram sticker to users in Japan and Indonesia back in October 2021. After a trial period, the rest of the world got the fun new feature in early November, and interacting with your feed hasn’t been the same since. To use the “Add Yours” Instagram feature, just go through the steps you normally would to create a Story. Then, tap the sticker button (it looks like a little square smiley face in the top right corner, and select the “Add Yours” Instagram sticker. You can make any prompt or question you want, and your followers can add theirs to the chain, too.

Honestly, it’s a great way to connect with your followers and see how they respond to the prompts, especially when it comes to something light and fun, like sharing your Christmas trees, favorite holiday songs, and more. Check out these holiday “Add Yours” ideas for Instagram to start spreading good vibes to everyone on your feed.

Your Christmas Tree

Instagrammer @alyehscordon hopped on this super popular holiday prompt that had users showing off their freshly decorated Christmas trees. It’s a great idea, because who doesn’t love the aesthetic vibes of a softly-lit room with a gorgeous, glowing tree? You can start your own “Add Yours” prompt and share your tree with your friends. Be sure to encourage them to hop on the chain and add their own.

A Christmas Present You’re Hoping For

We know that the holiday season is all about giving, but let’s be real: sometimes there’s a gift you’re hoping shows up under the tree. Whether you’re just looking to connect with your feed or you’re trying to throw a hint to someone who you know follows you, this is a really fun idea that also allows you to see exactly what your friends and family want this Christmas.

A Special Ornament

If there’s an odd ornament hanging on a tree, chances are there’s a good story behind it. Why not share a snap of a special ornament on yours and use the “Add Yours” Instagram sticker to invite your followers to share theirs? You might even learn something new about them while you’re at it.

A Delicious Holiday Dish

No one can resist an Instagram pic of a mouth-watering dish that you only eat during the holidays. Take a pic of your mom’s cheesy broccoli casserole or a batch of gooey gingerbread cookies to your Story. It’s pretty much guaranteed that your followers will want to share their faves, too. Bonus points if they post the recipe.

Your Favorite Christmas Song

With literally hundreds of holidays songs out there, it’ll be so much fun to see the variety in your followers’ music tastes with this fun “Add Yours” prompt started by @addyoursig. You could post your own holiday photo to go along with your song, the album cover, or a photo of a memory you associate with the song.

A Gift You Can’t Wait To Give

You know that gift you absolutely can’t wait for someone to open? If you’re careful, you could share a sneak peek with your feed so you don’t burst with excitement before Christmas. You’ll have to be stealthy, though, so you don’t give away the surprise. Another option is to post a photo of the present already wrapped to leave your feed guessing who it’s for.

Winter Vibes

For this prompt, think about what encompasses “winter vibes” for you. Whether that’s taking a hike through a snow-filled forest or snuggling up in front of your tree with a good book, your feed will appreciate the cozy vibes. Plus, it’ll be fun to see what winter looks like in different places.

Friends You Consider Family

The holidays are about being with people you love, and that includes friends that you consider family. Show your framily how much you love them with this “Add Yours” sticker prompt started by @addyoursig. You could just tag them with a background photo, or you can post with a photo of the two of you sharing a special memory.

Your Ugliest Sweater

Bust out the ugliest sweater you’ve got and don it for this fun “Add Yours” Instagram sticker idea. You don’t even have to have a special occasion. Put on that ugly, lumpy sweater, snap a selfie, and tell your feed to show you theirs. It’s all in the holiday spirit, right?

A 2022 Goal You’re Going For

The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on how far you’ve come and set goals for the new year. Use this prompt to share a goal you’re going after in 2022, and encourage others to share theirs, too. That way, you can cheer each other on until next Christmas.

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