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40 Hiking Puns For Instagram When The #Views Are Unbe-leaf-able

Excuse me, I’m peaking.

by Kristin Corpuz and Marisa Casciano
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There’s something super freeing about putting your phone on “do not disturb” mode, packing your favorite backpack, slipping into a pair of hiking boots, and going for a walk in nature. Not only are you given time to disconnect from your busy schedule, but you can also focus on a new challenge and (quite literally) take life one step at a time. You can breathe in the fresh air and snap pictures you want to post later on. For those pics, you’ll definitely need some hiking puns for Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok that’ll be a total feed cleanser.

While you’ve fine-tuned the kind of content you see on your feed thanks to the “mute” feature and “unfollow” button, your feed can still use some epic nature shots that make you forget all of the emails and texts you still have to respond to. That way, when you look back on all of the content you’ve created and posted, you feel an overwhelming sense of calm. While you’re on a hike, you can take a serene video of a waterfall and put it to TLC’s “Waterfalls,” and from the very top of a mountain and put it to Tai Verdes’ “A-O-K,” to get your feed to this point.

You can also wait to post any content you get until after your hike is done. In doing so, you’ll be more present with Mother Earth and the wonderful experience you’re having with a bestie, your adventurous dog, or by yourself. You’ll get to take in the beautiful forests, rolling hills, and babbling streams, and know these hiking puns are ready for their social media debut whenever you’re ready to post. Just thinking about it may make you feel unbe-leaf-ably calm.

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  1. "Just kickin' it with my birches, how about you?"
  2. "Wood you believe that I'm actually on a hike right now?"
  3. "I'm a succa for nature."
  4. "I would never leaf my dog behind if I was going on a hike."
  5. "Think outside. No box required."
  6. "You don't like the outdoors? Unbe-leaf-able."
  7. "Going for a hike whether you lake it or not."
  8. "I fern-ly believe my tree puns are quality."
  9. "Sticking to the backcountry rivers, because they're less mainstream."
  10. "Come to the mountains. The weather’s pine."
  11. "I'm so excited about hiking that I almost wet my plants."
  12. "Plants are my buds."
  13. "What a perfect day to go hiking. I hope we do this s’more."
  14. "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's maple leaves."
  15. "Last bud not least, it's time to take a hike."
  16. "Make like a tree and stand tall."
  17. "May the forest be with you."
  18. "How does a tree show that it doesn't know the answer to something? It shrubs."
  19. "Getting to the top of the hill was such a re-leaf."
  20. "What did the river say to the hiker with the clunky boots? Water those?!"
  21. "There is no WiFi in the forest, but I promise you will find a better connection."
  22. "Water you doing next to the river?"
  23. "Made it to the summit. I know it's all downhill from here."
  24. "Hike, hike, baby."
  25. "Someone told me to 'take a hike,' so I did."
  26. "Let's put the petal to the metal."
  27. "The hill looked hard at first, but I got over it."
  28. "These boots were made for hiking."
  29. "The grass is greener where you water it."
  30. "You grow, girl."
  31. "Excuse me, I’m peaking."
  32. "Top of the mountain to you."
  33. "Pine-ing for these views.”
  34. "Tree is company."
  35. "Take a peak at this."
  36. "Rock on."
  37. "Glow with the flow."
  38. "Don’t sweat the small hikes."
  39. "Pretty fly for a cacti."
  40. "I’m waterfallin’ for you."

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