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This Hellmann’s Frozen Mayo-Nog Review Will Have You Ready For Happy Hour

It’s great for dipping cookies, too.

Courtesy of Hellmann's/Joalia Hospitality

There’s no more quintessential holiday drink than eggnog, but one NYC restaurant is putting a twist on the sip by adding *checks notes* mayonnaise. Hellmann’s tapped the help of New York City-based mixologist Cody Goldstein for a Frozen Mayo-Nog and Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookie combo just in time for the holiday season. “I love being a disruptor with food and beverage,” Goldestein tells Elite Daily. The thought of a mayo-based sip might scare you away, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it. I got a preview before the eggnog’s Dec. 1 launch, and this review of Hellmann’s Frozen Mayo-Nog may lead you to believe the concoction is actually a match made in mayo heaven.

At most restaurants, mayonnaise and eggnog, respectively, would probably be two of the most controversial items on the menu — but at Amy Fontaine’s in NYC, the divisive offerings come together to create one harmonious sip. They’re not that different when you think about it, since they are both egg-based. The buzz-worthy Frozen Mayo-Nog features a creamy mix of dark rum, apple brandy, whole milk, heavy cream, simple syrup, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon spices, and Hellmann’s mayo for a unique take on the seasonal staple. (There’s also a non-alcoholic version available for all the sober-curious eggnog fans out there.)

The holiday nostalgia doesn’t end there, because the drink comes with a side of Snickerdoodle Mayo cookies made with Hellmann’s mayonnaise in the cookie batter and glaze, as well as a dash of spice. Think of it as the adult version of milk and cookies, and don’t forget to dunk.

Courtesy of Hellmann's/Joalia Hospitality

Cody Goldstein, founder of Brooklyn-based hospitality group Muddling Memories and Amy Fontaine’s cocktail consultant, is the mastermind behind this concoction, and he names nostalgia as one of the most important aspects of the beverage experience. “Creating cocktails with familiar flavors that are in an unfamiliar setting is something that I really strive for,” Goldstein tells Elite Daily, and Hellmann’s sandwich condiment staple may just be the most familiar flavor of all.

Though mayonnaise and eggnog might not sound like the most appetizing pairing, Goldstein found that the two have a lot more in common than you’d think. “The interesting thing about the Hellmann’s mayonnaise [is] that it has this really subtle tartness to it, which I've come to love,” he says. Goldstein adds that the mayo helps balance out the drink and add dimension, as all hard-working condiments do.

I got to try the Frozen Mayo-Nog and Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookies for myself on Nov. 30, and if the unique pairing isn’t classic already, it sure is on its way.

Hellmann’s Mayo-Nog Review

If you’re someone who’s easily put off by the scent of mayo, don’t worry, because the only aromas that come through are the warm scents of the cinnamon and nutmeg. Upon my first sip, I immediately noticed the refreshing and fluffy top layer of foam and how it perfectly complemented the thickness of the eggnog.

I tasted the tartness you’d expect from mayonnaise and eggnog, but the standout flavors for me were rum and brandy. You can definitely tell the drink is made with mayo from the creaminess and the consistency of the sip, but it’s not enough that mayonnaise-haters should steer clear of the Frozen Mayo-Nog completely.

Courtesy of Hellmann's/Joalia Hospitality

Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookies Review

You won’t catch a whiff of mayonnaise before trying the Snickerdoodle Mayo Cookies, but the familiar sugar cookie scent will take you back to the days of baking in your grandma’s kitchen. The mayo glaze kind of looks like a maple drizzle, but once I took a bite I picked up on that slight sourness mayo is known for.

The cookies are great on their own, but dipping them in the Mayo-Nog is the way to go. The sweet flavors of the dessert complement the bitterness of the liquor really nicely.

Where To Get Hellmann’s Mayo-Nog

Think you’re brave enough to try the mayo cocktail for yourself? The Frozen Mayo-Nog and Snickerdoodle Cookies are available at Amy Fontaine’s in the Upper East Side through Dec. 15. The boozy drink is available on its own for $16, while an order of the drink and dessert pairing will run you $24. As for the non-alcoholic version, you can order the drink on its own for $12 or splurge on some cookies to dunk with for $20.

Hellmann’s Frozen Mayo-Nog will only be available at the restaurant for a limited time, but the recipe is featured in Cody Goldstein’s Dec. 1 IG post caption, in case you can’t make it to New York but still want to put your taste buds to the test.

If you’re on the fence about the sip, Goldstein has a message for you: “There’s no right or wrong when it comes to food and enjoyment. I think it's really just about trying new things and expanding your palate.”