You need a Hanukkah-themed group chat name for all your festive texts with your family and friends.

70 Hanukkah-Themed Group Chat Names That’ll Give You A Latke To Talk About

Pick a name that will light up your convo.

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Hanukkah — aka the Festival of Lights — has begun, which means the texts from your family have also started. The eight-day, eight-night celebration is all about spinning dreidels, delicious latkes, lighting the menorah, and spending time with the people you care about the most. While you may be getting together in person this year, a lot of families are still celebrating the holidays virtually, which is why some Hanukkah-themed group chat names are a must.

Most families already have a go-to chat where you keep in touch with your siblings and parents throughout the year. There may even be an extended family chat with your cousins who are your BFFs since day one. These big family group chats typically have a family-related name like an inside joke or punny version of your last name, but with the holidays, it’s time to give your chat a festive upgrade. Basically, you need some Hanukkah-themed group chat names to match the current conversation.

If you’re chatting with your fam, you’re definitely making plans to check out some Hanukkah festivities in town or delegating who is bringing what to dinner. You may also be sending adorable snaps of your lit menorahs back and forth, which is why you need an equally as lit Hanukkah group chat name. Your chat is the best place to share all the group pics you take for everyone to save to their camera rolls, and it’ll be easier to find when it’s named something like a Hanukkah pun.

You could even reference some of your favorite Hanukkah-themed episodes of TV shows in your Hanukkah group chat name if watching them have become a tradition for you and your cousins each year. Whatever the vibe of your crew, you’ll be able to find the right Hanukkah-themed group chat name from this list of 70. There are even enough names for you to change it for each one of the nights of Hanukkah if you’d like. It’s whatever lights your menorah.

  1. A Whole Latke Love
  2. That’s How We Roll
  3. Alanis Menorahssette
  4. Happy Hanukcats
  5. Happy Challah Days
  6. Beginning To Look A Latke Like Hanukkah
  7. Happy Hanuk-Can You Not?
  8. Oy To The World
  9. Donut Think You’re Ready For This Jelly
  10. It’s Lit
  11. A Chrismukkah Miracle
  12. Fogelt About It
  13. Boom Shaka Latke
  14. This Is How We Jew It
  15. Ain’t No Challah Back Girl
  16. Hanukkah Matata
  17. Funukah
  18. Drop It Like A Top
  19. Gelt Digger
  20. Maccabee Mine
  21. Love You A Latke
  22. Gelt-y Pleasure
  23. Happy Llamakkah
  24. Peace, Love, & Latkes
  25. Holiday Armadillo
  26. A Latke Talk About
  27. Latke Fun Together
  28. Dr. Dreidel
  29. Meowzel Tov
  30. Light It Up
  31. Let’s Gelt Together
  32. My Maccabees
  33. Maccabee Together
  34. Just Keep Spinning
  35. On Fire
  36. Menorah Blahniks
  37. Chabad To The Bone
  38. Hebrew Crew
  39. Eight Days Eight Nights
  40. Hallel, It’s Me
  41. Oil Always Love You
  42. Light Up My Life
  43. Drinking Dreidels
  44. My Menorahs
  45. Donut Worry
  46. Donut Know What I Would Do Without You
  47. Lit AF
  48. Menorah-Saurus
  49. Better Eight Than Never
  50. Keep Calm And Eat Latkes
  51. Having A Matzo Ball
  52. You Glow Girl
  53. My Miracles
  54. Spudtacular Crew
  55. Couldn’t If I Fried
  56. Oil Be There For You
  57. Frinally Family Time
  58. Oil I Need
  59. Hanukkah Happenings
  60. Gimme All Your Gelt
  61. Hotter Than A Menorah
  62. Let It Glow
  63. Get A Candle On It
  64. Light It Be
  65. Catch You Lighter
  66. We Flame To Please
  67. Taters Gonna Tate
  68. All’s Fire At Hanukkah
  69. Never Drei-Dull With You
  70. Love And Light

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