Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Death Eaters battle guests with wands in Hogsmeade from 'Harry Potter.'

The 1 Item You Need To Bring To The Wizarding World During Halloween Horror Nights

Wands at the ready.

Courtesy of Universal Studios Hollywood

Death Eaters have officially arrived at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. The followers of the Dark Lord — aka Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter — are roaming Hogsmeade at this year’s event. This is the first time Universal Studios has really included the Wizarding World as part of their Halloween celebration, so you can just imagine how excited Potterheads are to see the Death Eaters. Not only are they stalking around, but the Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Death Eaters battle guests with wands as well — if you happen to bring yours along to the park.

Knowing that the Death Eaters were going to be at Halloween Horror Nights this year, I made a point to bring along my wand that “chose” me from Olivanders Wand Shop in the Wizarding World. I knew I wanted to get some photos and videos with the Death Eaters if I saw them, and my wand was the perfect prop to ensure I got some authentic snaps. What I didn’t know was that my wand would become the one item I was glad I brought along with me to Halloween Horror Nights this year.

What Are The Death Eaters Like At Halloween Horror Nights 2022?

Rachel Chapman

For anyone who has visited one of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights events before, the Death Eaters in Hogsmeade roam around like any traditional HHN scare zone. They’re there just walking around, ready to terrorize and frighten you as you move through to get to the other side. While going through the Death Eaters scare zone is scary good on its own, the experience becomes a little more magical when you’ve got your wand.

I found the Death Eaters interact with you more if you have your wand at the ready. They will even draw their wands at you to prepare for a duel and follow you through the Wizarding World. This gave my friends plenty of time to get some pretty hilarious videos of me trying my hardest to cast spells in their direction. While having a wand is definitely not needed for your night at Halloween Horror Nights, I found it definitely made the experience more fun and immersive. Also, who doesn’t want more content opportunities for the ‘Gram or TikTok?

Getting videos is probably your best bet as well if you’d like to capture your experience with the Death Eaters. The area over in Hogsmeade where they are stationed is a bit dark and filled with smoke, which is not great for a still photo. They also won’t stop to take a picture with you, so instead, grab some videos of being chased by a Death Eater or challenging them to a duel.

What Else Is Happening In The Wizarding World For Halloween?

Rachel Chapman

In addition to the Death Eaters, Hogsmeade has a few other festive things to look out for at Halloween Horror Nights 2022. Hog's Head Inn is serving Bungbarrel Spiced Mead, which is the mead Ron drinks when he is poisoned in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. This is a delightfully spiced mead that tastes like Christmas and is light and refreshing. In my opinion, it’s a great alternative to some of the more intricate, strong, and overly sweet cocktails being served at Halloween Horror Nights this year.

Hogwarts is also feeling festive with Dark Mark projections on the castle. The lighting is a bit better over by the castle, which makes it the perfect backdrop for a group selfie with your friends. The two rides — Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff — are also open during the special ticketed event, so you can go on them when you’re not battling Death Eaters, drinking in Hog’s Head Inn, or getting scared in one of the many haunted houses.

The Death Eaters introduction to Halloween Horror Nights this year, along with other spooktacular Harry Potter additions, were truly a highlight of the evening, so hopefully they’ll be back and better than ever next year as well.