Halloween 2021 will be the best for 3 zodiac signs, including this group of friends at a party on Oc...

No Trick, This Halloween Will Be A Real Treat For 3 Zodiac Signs

So put on your best pair of fangs.

It’s the season of goblins, ghosts, and ghouls, because Halloween celebrates all things weird and spooky. Every single one of us has at least some interest in the dark side of life, right? And Oct. 31 is a day when you’re given permission to fully embrace that interest. You can dress up as someone else (or something else) and pretend you’re living a different life. You might carve strange faces on a pumpkin and all it a jack-o’-lantern. You could literally just sit on your couch and eat a bag of candy. The choice is yours. Either way, Halloween 2021 will be the best for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Scorpio — so put on your best pair of fangs.

With the moon in intricate, intellectual, and matter-of-fact Virgo, you won’t want to spare the details on this Halloween. When you’re sharing scary stories around the fire, don’t leave out the bloody information. When you’re getting dressed for your haunted soiree (or seance, if you’re into that kind of thing), spend that extra hour adding embellishments to your outfit. Virgo loves to layer everything with deeper meanings and cryptic mysteries to solve. I mean, Tim Burton — director of dozens of creepy cinematic classics — is literally a Virgo. So is Stephen King, who could quite possibly be the greatest horror novelist of all time. Need I say more?

The moon will also form a trine with innovative and individualistic Uranus, encouraging you to really let your freak flag fly. Instead of picking the easy run-of-the-mill costume, you should dress as something that really captures your Halloween spirit. The cosmic energy is encouraging you to put some extra thought into your vision, because you might just feel like standing out of the crowd.

The following zodiac signs will make quite the impression this year. Here’s why:

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Taurus: You’re In The Mood To Party It Up And Get Into The Fun

You could really be feeling the Halloween spirit this year, Taurus. If you’re in the mood to be festive, this is really the year you may want to go all out. The moon is sending some freaky fun to your fifth house of creativity and frivolity. That means you’ll probably be in the mood to do whatever sounds like fun to you. Maybe that looks like staying in and carving pumpkins. Maybe that looks like heading out to the best party in town. You decide.

Scorpio: Halloween Is, Like, Kind Of Your Thing

No one enjoys Halloween more than you, Scorpio. Halloween is literally the be-all, end-all of Scorpio season. It’s the event that captures everything about your spooky soul. Every other day of the year, your interest in all things ghostly and macabre might weird a few people out. But on Halloween? You’re basically royalty and everyone knows Halloween would be nothing without your influence.

Virgo: You’re Ready To Express Your Ghoulish Self

This Halloween takes place on a Virgo moon, which means the moon is literally activating your first house of the self. In other words, you might feel like being seen, and I mean, like, truly seen. Start planning out your costume now. If there’s a vision you have for who you’d like to be or how you’d like to look, take full advantage of that vision. This Halloween, you’re feeling confident and ready to fully embrace yourself.