Hailey Bieber's workout routine is so simple, you can do it at home.
Hailey Bieber's Workout Routine Will Tone Your Lower Body

She definitely doesn’t skip leg day.

It’s no secret Hailey Bieber is busy serving up tons of inspo. Not only is she a terrific home chef, sharing recipes like chocolate protein pancakes from her Insta-worthy home, but Bieber is also a wellness queen with her own Rhode skin care line and relatable TikToks, showing off how to decompress at home with wine and your fave TV show. If you’re looking to get back into fitness in the new year or switch things up, Hailey Bieber’s workout routine is something you may want to try for yourself the next time you go to the gym.

Even if you’re just working out at home, you can follow Bieber’s lead for what exercises to do. Back in 2020, the model shared her “quarantine workout routine” to keep active at home, which included various exercises like Pilates and cardio. Bieber called Pilates her “favorite workout,” adding, “I used to be a dancer, so I love Pilates because it really elongates and strengthens my muscles.” For cardio, the model has opted for boxing, saying, “I found that remembering the combinations and learning how [to] move your body in boxing has been good for mental health.”

While trying out a Pilates routine at home or memorizing a few boxing combos is a great way to work up a sweat, one of Bieber’s trainers shared her weight-based workouts on Instagram — and they’re so easy to replicate at home or at the gym. If you’d like to tone your lower body, add a few of these exercises into your workout schedule.

Sled Push

To start off, Bieber begins her workout routine with a sled push. The sled push may be an intimidating exercise move you’ve only seen in football movies, but it’s a great exercise for your legs and glutes. While it may be more suited to a gym workout, there are sled push alternatives you can try at home like placing weights on a box and pushing them across the floor.

Underhand Grip Pull-Ups

Next, Bieber can be seen doing some pull-ups in the gym. While this exercise doesn’t focus on the lower half of your body, it is great for your back, shoulders, and arms. Just like you don’t want to skip leg day, you also want to throw in a few exercises for your arms to round out your workout routine for your full body.

For this set, Bieber chooses to do an underhand grip, which is also called chin-ups. According to Byrdie, chin-ups are slightly easier to do than traditional pull-ups so they’re great for beginners. Chin-ups are also ideal if you’re working on your posture, and if you’re someone who finds themselves slumping in their seat, you may want to incorporate chin-ups into your go-to workout.

There are some pretty affordable pull-up bars for your doorway on Amazon. Just make sure you properly install it so you don’t have a pull-bar doorway fail.

Weighted Sumo Squats

A super easy leg exercise you can do in front of the TV is weighted squats, and Bieber chooses to do a sumo squat in her routine. For this, her toes are turned out and she makes sure to keep her back straight and up. Her form also has her feet positioned wider than her hips, and Heathline says you should aim to have your legs about three to four feet apart.

While this is a weighted squat, you don’t need your own dumbbells for this. Some water bottles or canned goods will work just as well.

Inverted V Plank

This exercise is exactly what it sounds like. You create an inverted V with your body starting from a plank position. While Bieber does this with some equipment at the gym, you can do inverted Vs on your yoga mat at home. Just begin in a plank position with your elbows on the floor. Hold that for a second before transitioning into an inverted V and back.

To do this, lift your hips up into the air and move your chest back and towards your legs. You’ll really feel a burn in your arms, but be sure to engage your core as well to target your abs.

Barbell Squat

Another version of a weighted squat that Bieber does is with a barbell. She lifts one end up as she rises in her squat. You can do this with a barbell at home or even just lifting up one side of your couch.

Bieber’s form for this weighted squat is the same as her sumo squat. She has her toes turned out and legs more than hip width apart. Make sure to engage your legs and glutes to avoid hurting your back as you lift up.

Mountain Climbers

From your mat, you can also do these mountain climbers. From a standard plank position, bring your legs in one at a time so your knees are almost touching your elbows. One variation Bieber does is bringing the opposite knee up to her elbow to engage her obliques, which looks like cross-body mountain climbers.

This exercise will also work your full body, but very much focuses on your core and abs. Changing up the position of your legs can target different muscles and areas of your body. For instance, the spider mountain climbers — where you bring your legs out as they come in — works more on your lower abs and obliques. By practicing this mountain climber variation, you’ll also be totally prepared if Marvel calls you up to be the next Spider-Man for the MCU.

These six simple exercises may not seem like a lot, but they target many muscles in your body so you’re really getting a full body routine. Overtime, you’ll notice that they’ve helped to tone your legs and make you feel more energized. You can even treat yourself to a Strawberry Glaze Smoothie afterwards. Now that’s a win-win.