A happy couple kneads some dough to make Frog Bread from TikTok at home.
TikTok's Viral Frog Bread Is Making A Comeback For Its First Anniversary

May 2020 food was on another level, TBH.

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Think back to the near-start of quarantine, circa April/May 2020, when practically everyone was making bread. There was sourdough, there was banana bread, there was a sourdough banana bread combo — but do you remember TikTok's viral frog bread? It’s literally little bread buns shaped to look like frogs. While it was more of a fleeting trend in comparison to its predecessors, it sure was ribbeting — and the recipe is making a comeback, just in time for its first anniversary.

With more and more people getting vaccinated, and the U.S. starting to open back up, some TikTokers are getting nostalgic, looking back at their early quarantine hobbies. If you scroll back through your TikToks, you might remember that, in May 2020, you attempted to make frog bread or that your “For You” page was filled with other TikTokers’ versions of the tasty treat. You may have posted your cute creations to Instagram or showed them off in your friend Zoom hang right before moving on to the next viral TikTok food trend.

One year later, you probably forgot how much frog bread could bake you happy, so now’s the time to do it again. If you loved it the first time or totally missed out, this is your chance to make some super cute TikTok frog bread for yourself by following these seven recipes.

Frog Bread With Some Bears

Did you know that your frog bread can easily be bear bread as well? Depending on how you decorate your bread buns and whether you use some green food coloring, you can make both frog bread and bear bread at the same time. TikToker @uwuwitch demonstrates this by making a whole batch of frog and bear bread side by side.

Traditional Frog Bread

If this is your first time trying frog bread, TikToker @kenyadodis has a super easy-to-follow frog bread recipe for beginners. All you need to do is roll up a small ball of dough for the frog head, and two smaller dough balls for the eyes. In 20 minutes, you’ll have some adorable buns you can decorate with chocolate.

Joyful Frog Bread

Making frog bread can brighten your day. TikToker @yourawkwardcousin says frog bread brings her “joy.” So, if you need a little boost, try this frog bread recipe to make a cute batch for yourself and your besties.

Purple Frog Bread

While green frog bread is the go-to, you can actually add whatever color you like to your dough. TikToker @foodtok.trends adds some purple food coloring to the dough to make a cute purple frog. You could even make a whole rainbow of frogs to celebrate one year since frog bread reached its peak popularity.

Strawberry-Filled Frog Bread

Since you’ve made the OG frog bread before, try something new with your recipe. TikToker @amrosesciart experimented by making a strawberry-filled frog bread loaf. Before baking, add your filling to the center of the dough and seal it together with more dough.

Frog Bread With Bread Flowers

Since it is the spring, make a whole batch of spring-themed bread buns with your frog bread like TikToker @tovanlew. With your extra dough, make some bread flowers that you can put on some sticks for a bread bouquet. This is actually a super cute idea for a picnic in the backyard with your partner.

Frog Milk Bread

For a fluffier bread bun, make some frog milk bread. This recipe from TikToker @bbymangoes makes super light rolls you can enjoy with some refreshing milk tea. If you’re planning a get-together with your bestie, make it an Insta-worthy tea time with boba and frog milk bread.

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