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How To Get A Free $20 Uber Voucher When You Book With JetBlue

This deal is especially great for your trip to Disney World.

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No one wants to be that person who has to ask for a ride to and from the airport. You also don’t want to spend more money than you have to renting a car or booking shuttle transportation while on a vacation. Luckily, JetBlue and Uber have come together for a new program where you can get a free Uber voucher when you book with JetBlue Vacations in January 2023.

JetBlue Vacations allows you to book flights for your next trip as well as hotel stays. Their packages can make planning easier with everything bundled together, and you can even find some great deals on their site. For instance, they have their Big Winter Sale right now where you can get both your flights and hotel for just $82 for travel between Jan. 17 and March 29. JetBlue Vacations also has bundles that include flights and cruises for the ultimate all-inclusive vacay.

Now, this JetBlue and Uber collab is making vacations more budget-friendly by taking care of your transportation and taking the pressure off of you finding a ride to and from the airport. Of course, there are some restrictions — as is the case with most deals — so you’ll want to know which destinations are included in this JetBlue and Uber deal.

How To Get A Free Uber Voucher From JetBlue

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To start off, you’ll first need to plan where you want to go before Jan. 31. The JetBlue Vacations and Uber deal must be booked by the end of the month, but your actual travel dates can be for anytime. With the deal’s restrictions, deciding on a destination may be easier than you think. The Uber promo is only available for packages to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas.

While this may seem like a bummer, this is great for anyone who was planning a trip to Disney World for the 100th anniversary celebration in 2023 or had plans for a bachelorette trip to Las Vegas. You could even book a flight to Fort Lauderdale and travel to Miami if you’ve had that wanderlust destination on your travel to-do list.

Once you’ve settled on a trip, all you need to do to get your Uber voucher is to click “add extras” before checking out. This will automatically add a $20 voucher to your account. You will receive an email with your voucher about 24 hours before your flight. You’ll be able to add this voucher to your Uber account to use when you’re heading to the airport or getting picked up. The $20 voucher only works for pickup and drop-off at one of the selected airports. It also expires two weeks after you receive your email. This means you can’t really save your voucher to use anywhere else unless it’s within two weeks and to a place within the “geographic radius near or around the airport.”

This deal is especially great for Disney fans. Considering Disney ended their complimentary shuttle service for resort guests in 2022, Uber has become a go-to for families traveling to Walt Disney World in Orlando. By being able to book your car service for free, it’ll make you feel like you’re getting that Magical Express service once again. And with the TRON roller coaster opening in the spring, now is the best time to plan a trip to “the most magical place on Earth.”

When you book with JetBlue Vacations, you already get some additional perks like early boarding and a free in-flight alcoholic beverage. So, an additional $20 to use on Uber is just another way to feel more bougie and like a VIP during your trip.

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