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Friends share pics for the first day of collage.

50 Captions For First Day Of College Pics And Welcoming The Semester

Check this 'first day of college' glow.

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Right now, your room at home may look a little messy. There may be piles of clothes, well, everywhere, and bins of school supplies sitting on your bed. That's because you're in the process of packing for your first year of college and preparing for another exciting chapter of your life. You’re probably filled with a mix of emotions; homesickness, nervousness for the unknown, growing pains, but overall excitement to make the most of a special opportunity. Once your dorm is decorated and you buy your textbooks, you’ll probably be itching to post a life update on Instagram. You’ll have plenty of homework to tackle soon enough, so keep reading for a cheat sheet with tons of captions for the first day of college for your new campus photos.

Packing is only the beginning of the adventure that's ahead of you. In the upcoming years, you'll likely make new friends, ace the classes in your major, and eat some interesting food from the dining hall. You might decide to study abroad, join a sorority, or take on a role at the local radio station. Sometimes you may feel a little overwhelmed with the items on your to-do list, like 10-page essays and group projects, and call your mom for a much-needed pep talk. Other times, you'll look at the neon sign in your dorm room that reads "you've got this" in hot pink, and feel ready to take on anything. The first day of college is right around the corner, so take time to rest and engage in self-care in the calm before the storm.

It'll all be part of your college experience, and something you look back on fondly after graduation (I pinky promise). Just do yourself a favor and document every moment you have. Take pictures with your roommates and the people you meet on the quad, and write down the inside jokes from the weekend that you don't want to forget. Put them in a collage or onto your Instagram profile with a peachy filter, so you can look back on your first memories from college. These 50 captions for the first day of college photos will be perfect for those pre-class Instagram selfies and outfit pics.

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  1. "But first, college."
  2. "That 'first day of college' glow, though."
  3. "Coffee, class, and new college friends."
  4. "Homework doesn't really go with my outfit."
  5. "And so, the semester begins."
  6. "Be the girl who just went for it."
  7. "Messy bun and getting stuff done."
  8. "BRB, figuring out three fun facts about myself."
  9. "This chapter of life feels really good so far."
  10. "Starting my college career in 3, 2, 1."
  11. "I'm the new kid on the block."
  12. "Hi, excuse me! Where's the science building?"
  13. "Going with the idea that nothing can stop me."
  14. "Bring on the books and best four years."
  15. "I swear I was in kindergarten like five minutes ago."
  16. "Happy first day of college! May your coffee be strong and your eyeliner be even."
  17. "Grateful for where I'm at, excited for where I'm going."
  18. "Just glowing with the flow."
  19. "Doing this sweet thing called college."
  20. "Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, the first day of college, everything."
  21. "If there's one thing I'm willing to bet on, it's myself." — Beyoncé
  22. "Not all those who wander around the quad are lost on their way to class." — A take on J.R.R. Tolkien's quote
  23. "I've got sunshine, my backpack, and good feelings."
  24. "It's all fun and games until they give you the syllabus."
  25. "I think I have a crush on college life."
  26. "My freshman year is here."
  27. "Make yourself proud."
  28. "Oh, hello first day of college. Let's do this."
  29. “Use promo code “Netflix” to get 50% off your grades.”
  30. “None of my assignments are done, but I sure am.”
  31. “I swear it was June yesterday.”
  32. “To-do list: stay awake.”
  33. “Hot girl semester.”
  34. “Thank you, next semester.”
  35. “Nothing good comes from the comfort zone.”
  36. “When someone says you can’t do it, do it twice and take pictures.”
  37. “Get up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.”
  38. “The friends that slay together, stay together.”
  39. “Ravioli, ravioli, give me my diplomioli.’
  40. “New memories loading.”
  41. “Is it just me or is it one degree hotter in here?”
  42. “One step closer to the diploma.”
  43. “New chapter. Same me. Bigger goals.”
  44. “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s caffeine.”
  45. “College has given me the confidence I need to fail.”
  46. “By the end of freshman year, you’ll have said more fun facts about yourself than you ever have and ever will.”
  47. “If tomorrow isn’t the due date, today isn’t the do date.”’
  48. “Dear Diploma, playing hard to get is not good for our relationship.”
  49. “If tomorrow isn’t the due date, today isn’t the due date.”
  50. “I pulled an all-dayer today. It was rough.”
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