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Your Weekly Horoscope Definitely Isn’t Sugarcoating The Truth

It’s time for some tough love.

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You’ve gone through so many changes lately and you might feel completely exhausted. Last week, Mercury retrograde came to an end, and although you have every reason to celebrate, you’re still getting used to the energetic shift. After all, Mercury won’t be out of the slow and foggy post-retrograde shadow until Feb. 23. You also embraced a sobering and serious new moon in Aquarius last week. This new moon put a lot of pressure on you, thanks to Saturn’s heavy-handed influence. Keep going, because our February 7, 2022 weekly horoscope is encouraging you to overcome the odds. The battle may not be over yet, but you’re ready to take back your power.

However, as this week begins, you’re receiving a motivating and energizing boost. On Feb. 8, Mars — planet of passion and courage — will form a trine with innovative and rebellious Uranus, inspiring you to go against the grain. Tap into what makes you unique and use it to your advantage, because no one can provide what you can in the way you provide it. And just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the “right” way. Embrace a revolutionary idea that inspires you to pioneer something new and improved.

You’ll feel an even deeper and more complex source of motivation arrive on Feb. 11. This is when Mercury — planet of communication and analysis — will join forces with dark and transformative Pluto, activating your desire to unearth deeply buried truths. You may feel highly intuitive and thoughtful during this time, driving you to face reality rather than deny it. This Mercury-Pluto conjunction will encourage you to look at what lurks in the shadows; at the facts that are hard to stomach.

None of this is easy, but it’s important. Once you’ve processed the truth, you can then act on it. Once you define your situation, you can decide what the best course of action may be. And although things may seem dire, remember — your reality can change in an instant.

The astrological flavor of this week may taste bitter, but it’s got just enough sweetness to make it all worth your while. Here’s how each zodiac sign can use it to their advantage:

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This week, you’re concocting some incredibly innovative ways to increase your earnings and achieve the level of wealth you’re dreaming of. Abundance looks unique to everyone, so define what it means to you. If you’ve been facing adversity in your career lately, the disappointment may be getting to you, but your recent mistakes are teaching you something important about ambition. Try something different, because it could be a game-changer.


You’ve opened your mind to so many possibilities recently and it’s changing your sense of self. However, instead of transforming into a brand new person, you’re chipping away at the marble block and discovering the statue inside it. Get past your external layers and get to the core of who you are. In order to step into this new understanding of yourself, it’s important to release the idea that you can only be one thing or the other. You are a multitude of conflicting things. Embrace it.


This week, you’re embracing an internal shift. While the world may not notice anything different about you, it’s clear as day that something *feels* different. This week, you’re learning how to let go of the negativity that’s still lingering from the past and define your own energy space. You have the power to create your own reality, and by taking steps to release what’s no longer yours, you’re setting yourself free from guilt and resentment. Healing is a process, so let it be a process.


You’re feeling inspired by the power people have when they come together. You’re feeling motivated to create a reality that works in everyone’s favor. Step out of your shell and start connecting, because you’re meeting people who are pleasantly surprising. However, you’re also realizing that in order to trust in human connection, you need to let go of fear and break away from complacent relationship patterns. Perfection isn’t possible, but better is.

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This week, you’re learning that certain aspects of your lifestyle may not be conducive to the type of success you’re dreaming of. Not only are you defining the specifics of your ideal career, but you’re learning what habits you’re ready to give up and what habits you’re prepared to start building. Some aspects of your routine and daily regimens may be difficult to change, but you’re reaching a breaking point. Let the small improvements motivate you to keep working on it.


Just because you’ve been taught to believe in something doesn’t mean you have to believe in it forever. This week, you’re feeling ready to step out of your comfort zone and look at life through a different lens. Identify the belief systems that continue to hold you back. Experiment with conflicting perspectives and philosophies. Express yourself, play around, and make a mess. You have every right to want answers and there’s no such thing as a stupid question.


Your desire for security, love, and consistency is fueling your understanding of relationships this week. You’ve gotten used to a certain type of relationship, but that relationship dynamic may not be conducive to your highest growth. Tap into what your heart needs and let that show you what kind of relationship you’re looking for. However, having an honest conversation with your heart is not easy, especially if your heart has never been given what it truly deserves. Yet.


Communication is key this week. Take a good look at the way you’re communicating with others, especially in your close partnerships. Pay attention to the way they’re communicating with you in return. By taking steps to be clear in your intentions and direct with your boundaries, you’re learning how to build a new type of relationship. How you choose to communicate this week can have lasting implications, so make sure you say what you mean and mean what you say.

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You’re feeling inspired to make smart financial moves that improve your overall life. Think about what you choose to define as “too expensive” and not worth buying. You might be fine dropping hundreds on something that provides you with temporary relief, but are you willing to spend the same amount on something that could improve your life longterm? How you choose to spend your time, energy, and money lasts far beyond the initial high of an exciting purchase.


You’re feeling bold this week, and if you harness this boldness, you’ll uncover some beautiful truths. The path you’re on is unique and tailored to your highest growth, so don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. This week, you may be discovering something that no one else has. In order to take this discovery and run with it, you need to let go of self-doubt. What you believe about yourself is a reflection of yourself, so find the strength to believe in who you *want* to be.


You’ve been gradually embracing a new understanding of what makes you feel like you safe, protected, and understood. This week, you’re diving into your past and exploring your inner world. By spending time with yourself and getting to know yourself, you’re also recognizing the fears that have brought you so much discomfort. And although there may be skeletons in your closet, you’re learning that embracing their existence is a lot better than pretending they aren’t there.


Spending time connecting with people who inspire you will bring you so much good this week. As you nurture a sense of community and unity, you’ll find that building something with others can generate some incredible ideas within you. However, navigating social terrain can be fraught with challenges, especially if competition is a driving force in your interactions. You have the power to influence others this week, but the way you choose to wield that influence will make all the difference.