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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Loving What Aquarius SZN Has To Offer Them This Week

Things are starting to look up.

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Ever since last week’s the new moon in Aquarius, you’ve been feeling inspired by your dreams and committed to your goals. However, before you feel ready to start putting a plan in motion, you may need to give yourself a moment to process everything you’ve learned. Because Aquarius season is taking place alongside the Saturn — planet of discipline and maturity — you’ve been thinking less about instant gratification and more about long-term growth. Hard work can be a snooze, but if you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of February 7, 2022 — Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius — you’re feeling lucky to have something you care so much about accomplishing.

This week starts off on a strong, empowering note. On Feb. 8, courageous Mars will form a trine with Uranus — planet of innovation and rebellion — guiding you to do things your own way. The world will always have an opinion about what’s right and what’s wrong, but it’s up to you to connect with your inner compass and embrace the direction that calls to you. Even if you have to break away from the pack and live as a rogue wolf, don’t discount what feels right to you.

You may notice the energy becoming more intense by Feb. 11. This is when talkative and intelligent Mercury will join forces with Pluto — planet of destruction and rebirth — adding pressure to your thought process. You may be ready to discover a deeper truth, even if it means moving beyond the point of no return. When Pandora is out of the box, there’s no going back in, so be careful with how you use the power it your disposal.

Here’s why the following lucky zodiac signs are becoming so much stronger this week:

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Taurus: You Want To Feel More, See More, And Experience The Most

This week, you may feel an insatiable hunger for new experiences. You may even feel drawn to veer off trail and into the wild, where mind-blowing things can be seen. If you’re tired of running in the same patterns and haunting the same places, you need a major change of perspective this week. And by following your instinct to search for truth and expanding your understanding, you’re also discovering a part of yourself you may not have known existed. Remember, you leave your mark behind wherever you go. In return, you take something with you.

Virgo: You’re Embracing The True Extent Of Your Creative Abilities

Lately, your urge to create is stronger than ever. You’re craving color, inspiration, and meaning. You want to get your hands dirty, make a mess, fall in love, and embrace everything that comes with it. However, there’s something that may be holding you back from giving into these urges. You may worry about being judged, criticized, or showing too much of yourself. But if you never allow yourself to be seen, you’ll never know who sees the real you and loves every part of it. Forget the haters, because there’s so much more to gain than to lose.

Aquarius: You’re Falling In Love With Who You Are When You’re Alone

Aquarius season is underway, bringing you back to your core confidence. However, this week, your journey through self-discovery may veer into darker, more complex territory. As you tend to your inner world, you’ll learn more about who you are when no one’s looking. And as you reconnect with your inner self, you’ll realize what you’re ready to set free. So much of your anxiety was never yours to begin with, because it was given to you by someone else. Look past the way other people have told you how to feel and get to the bottom of how *you* feel.