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If You’re 1 Of These 4 Zodiac Signs, The Full Moon In Leo Might Change Your Life

Choose your own adventure.

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Every full moon has their own brand of magic, but there’s always that *one* full moon that changes everything. And if your sun or ascendant happens to be in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, that full moon may be arriving sooner than you think. Taking place on Feb. 16 at 11:56 a.m. ET, the February 2022 full moon will affect these zodiac signs the most, and the experience could rock their world. Things can’t remain as they were before, so prepare to embrace change. For better or worse, one thing’s for sure — fixed signs are shaking things up.

Leo is the lion of the zodiac, radiating a wild and majestic energy that demands your attention. And during the full moon in Leo, you’re learning how to believe in what makes you feel like royalty. You deserve all the praise for your unique talents and irresistible charms, so why not take this opportunity to show off? Express yourself through love, romance, and creativity during this full moon, because you won’t regret it.

This full moon is just as dramatic as it sounds, because it’s taking place while the sun in Aquarius and the moon in Leo are forming a grand cross with the North Node in Taurus. In astrology, the North Node symbolizes your ultimate fate and the greatest extent of your potential in this life. During this full moon, you may feel like you’re reaching a breaking point. And it might force you to make a decision that could have long-lasting ramifications.

Point blank — if you’re a fixed sign, you may feel like your life is being pulled into a new direction. Step into your power and don’t look back, because this full moon in Leo wants you to make a courageous move with your heart. Here’s what you should know:

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Taurus: You’re Embracing A Shift In Your Personal Life

This full moon could lead to some major revelations about your family, your home life, and your heart. As it reveals deeper truths in your cozy fourth house, you’re realizing what you need in order to feel safe and secure. However, this full moon could also show you how to lay down your own roots and build your own nest, because you’re capable of manifesting the life you want.

Leo: You’re Showing The World How Beautiful And Irreplaceable You Are

This full moon is all about you, Leo. And you have no problem with that, because you love an opportunity to honor yourself and love yourself. As this full moon shows you all the ways in which you’ve grown, you’re integrated all the many new parts of yourself that you’ve been getting to know lately. You’re a multitude of things and you deserve to feel proud of what you bring to the table.

Scorpio: You’re Finally Ready To Tell The World What You’ve Been Up TO

You’re a naturally secretive person, but this full moon is changing that. It’s shining a light on your 10th house of reputation and career, showing you what’s motivating you to up your game these days. You might even be ready to make an announcement about all the progress you’ve made, so embrace how good it feels to talk about something you worked hard for.

Aquarius: Your Relationships Are Growing In So Many Ways

As you change, your relationships are forced to evolve along with it. This full moon is showing you how your understanding of love, commitment, and cooperation are evolving. You’re letting go of pettiness and passive aggressive tendencies and replacing them with a clear intention. In order to have the relationships you want, you need to be willing to become the partner you want as well.

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