These prom decorations are inspired by 'Euphoria' aesthetic and characters.
10 Euphoria-Themed Prom Decorations That Capture The Show’s Aesthetic

It’s all about the neon and glitter vibes.

by Andrea Hannah
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Season 2 of Euphoria may be over, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t revel in the aesthetic perfection that is HBO’s hit drama. Between the neon lights and ethereal scenery, it only makes sense that you’d want to emulate those vibes with some prom decorations inspired by Euphoria. Honestly, there are so many options to make your Euphoria-themed prom a reality, and a lot of them really affordable or simple to make yourself.

Let’s break down the Euphoria aesthetic: when Rue and Jules hit a party, the background tends to be dark and dreamy, with plenty of neon lights to cast a glow over the scene. There’s also usually a celestial vibe, with metallic streamers, silver stars, and more body glitter than anyone knows what to do with. Truly, all you need for your Euphoria-inspired prom is some glitter, sparkle, and a whole lot of gem-toned decorations. With a little creativity, that can definitely be done.

If you’re looking for some ideas to make your prom just like a holographic dream in Euphoria, look no further. Take a note of these Euphoria prom theme decorations, and run them by your crew to see if you can make it happen. Then, it’s time to get to planning so you can create a night you’ll never forget.


Neon LED Lights


What’s a Euphoria prom without a lot of neon lights, just like the parties Rue and the rest of the girls show up to? You can light up any prom venue by using some LED neon lights and setting them up all over the room. The best part is that you can change the colors to match with your venue aesthetics, and the lights come with a double-stick backing so you can literally just stick them right to the walls, then remove them after.


Glow Stick Party Favors

Another easy (and inexpensive) way to serve Euphoria neon vibes at prom is by giving out a glow stick or two to everyone who shows up. And the best part? You can get a bag of 200 gem-toned mini glow sticks for only 12 bucks on Amazon.


Disco Ball


To add to this ethereal vibe, definitely consider hanging up a glittery disco ball. Just think of how much fun you and your friends will have dancing under the sparkling lights set off by one of the most iconic party decorations of all time.


Sparkly Hanging Stars

Euphoria is known for its dreamy, almost cosmic vibe, so it only makes sense that your prom theme would include some tiny stars hanging from the ceiling. You could grab some LED star lights, or you could easily cut them out from sparkly, silver paper and string them up.


Body Glitter Party Favors

Part of the mystical appeal of a Euphoria prom night is all the amazing makeup the actors wear when they go to parties. Chances are attendees will try out their own Euphoria makeup looks, but to add a little extra glitz to the night, you could set out individual glitter rollers at the tables so everyone can sparkle and shine.


Glittery Streamers

Just like in Euphoria, you could set up a wall full of sparkly streamers as the perfect party prop. You can grab streamers in all kinds of colors on Amazon to create a picture-perfect backdrop for your prom photos.


Neon Sign


To add even more glow to your perfect prom night, you’ll want to add some neon signs throughout your venue. You could go with something romantic like hearts, or something celestial like stars, clouds, and moons. Honestly, why not go for both?


Metallic Balloons

You can’t have prom without a boatload of balloons, so you might as well make them metallic to go with all the glitz and glitter of your Euphoria prom theme. It’s a bonus if you grab some gem-toned metallic balloons in different shapes and sizes to add to your dreamy landscape.


Holographic Textures

Decorate your venue with holographic textures like this iridescent rainbow garland to make your prom into a fantasy dreamscape. You could hang garland around the tables and at the entrance of the prom venue, or even opt for some gauzy, iridescent material for the table cloths.


Moons And Stars Photo Props


Finally, you’ll need some unique photo props to really bring your Euphoria prom night to life. To add to the gem-toned celestial vibes, you and your crew can build some silver moons and stars props to take photos with. Just add some celestial fabric as the backdrop for a truly euphoric look.

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