Teenage woman preparing fried chicken in a deep fryer pot in her home kitchen

These Easy TikTok Air Fryer Thanksgiving Recipes Include Turkey Legs And Pumpkin Bread

It’s fry-nally time for Turkey Day.


Thanksgiving is a time to give, well, thanks for all the people and things in your life. When it comes to your kitchen, there’s nothing you’re more thankful for than your air fryer. It’s your go-to kitchen appliance, whether you’re just making some crispy Brussels sprouts for dinner or viral pasta chips to snack on. You may even have plans to use your air fryer for your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving dishes. Whether you have some ideas on what you’re bringing to the table or not, these easy air fryer Thanksgiving recipes will come in handy.

With TikTok air fryer recipes all over the FYP, the countertop convection oven has recently become a must-have for any home chef. Not only do air friers make cooking simple and easy, but you can also make just about anything with it. In fact, you could cook your entire Thanksgiving meal in your air fryer. From the turkey to the dessert and all those beloved side dishes in between, you can find easy air fryer Thanksgiving recipes for every traditional dish.

Since Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, feast your eyes on these 10 Thanksgiving air fryer recipes from TikTok to see what you’d like fry up this year.

Mashed Potato Spring Rolls

This recipe from TikToker @bearcreekeats is perfect for both Thanksgiving prep and enjoying your leftovers the next day. All you need for this mashed potato spring roll recipe are some mashed potatoes, cheese, and spring roll wrappers. In just 10 minutes, you’ll have a spudtacular snack or creative side dish for your table.

Crispy Green Beans

Instead of a green bean casserole, try this crispy green bean recipe from TikToker @myhealthydish this year. They’re like delicious and cheesy green bean fries that you can dip in some ranch dressing or Sriracha mayo. You’ll be wondering where they’ve bean your whole life.

Turkey Legs

Even the main course — turkey — can be prepared in the air fryer. TikToker @theairfryerking shares this recipe for air fried turkey legs. With some injected butter, seasonings, and mayo spread on top, you’ll have a delicious turkey leg like the ones served at Disneyland in just 30 minutes.

Baked Brie

For a delicious appetizer, make this baked brie from TikToker @airfryer_archives. All you need to do is place your brie in some biscuit dough. You can add some jam or cranberry sauce inside as well for some extra flavor. Fry for about 11 minutes, and you’ll have a delicious brie biscuit to serve on your charcuterie board.

Mini Smashed Lemon Potatoes

If you’d rather have your potatoes smashed than mashed, try this mini lemon potatoes recipe from TikToker @themodernnonna. Just take your boiled mini potatoes and smash them before seasoning and adding some olive oil and lemon juice on top. The best part of all is that it only takes six to eight minutes for these potatoes to cook.

Mashed Potato Balls

Another way to prepare your mashed potatoes is this mashed potato balls recipe from TikToker @airfryer_archives. The recipe is even sung in the TikTok video, so it’s super fun to follow along with. Just roll up your mashed potatoes with shredded chicken, cheese, and corn before crumbing it. Once they’re ready, throw them in the air fryer to cook. Voila!

Fried Camembert Cheese

If you’re planning to have snacks and charcuterie boards before your main Thanksgiving feast, you’ll definitely want to have a plate or two of these fried Camembert cheese bites. Not only are these mini cheese bites delicious on their own, but TikToker @elliemareehair also shares how to make a cranberry wine dip for them. You’ll love it cranberry much.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese Balls

Thesemac ‘n’ cheese balls from TikToker @eitan are a twist on everyone’s fave mac ‘n’ cheese. Just place your macaroni and cheese in the freezer to cool, then roll into balls. Once that’s done, coat with both an egg wash and panko bread crumbs before placing them in the air fryer for about nine minutes. The results are really grate.

Pumpkin Bread

For dessert, try this air fried pumpkin bread recipe from TikToker @sweetportfolio. You can never have too many pumpkin dishes this time of year, so enjoy your pumpkin bread with your pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. When it’s pumpkin, you know it’s going to be gourd.

Garlic Parmesan Brussel Sprouts

One of TikToker @thezachrocheleau’s goals is to show people on TikTok how to make “vegetables taste great,” and this recipe for garlic parmesan Brussels sprouts does just that. While veggies may not be your fave when pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes are on the table, these smashed Brussels sprouts will be a close second. They’re flavorful, cheesy, and ready in only four to six minutes.