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Doja Cat's clothing line is drawing Dunkin' comparisons for a big similarity.

Doja Cat's New Clothing Line Has Dunkin' Fans Doing A Double-Take

It’s a popular font!


Doja Cat recently announced a new clothing line that includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, and hats, but according to her fans, the only thing the collection is giving is... Dunkin’. No, the 26-year old singer and the coffee giant aren’t collabing, but after Doja Cat launched her latest business venture on Aug. 20, fans couldn’t help but notice the font and colors are very similar to Dunkin’s whole ~aesthetic~. If you’re wondering why Doja Cat’s “It’s Giving” clothing line is drawing so many Dunkin’ comparisons, just take a look at the “Freaky Deaky” singer’s new wares, and you’ll see why.

If you haven’t checked out Doja Cat’s new merch collection yet, allow me to catch you up to speed. On Aug. 18, Doja tweeted a 15-second long teaser video and a link to the clothing line’s website with the caption, “And it’s all yours.” Instead of including a sneak peek of the clothes in the teaser, the video featured Doja’s viral “It was supposed to give, but it did not give what needed to be gave to the highest of giving” speech from a 2021 IG Live, and it was accompanied by a familiar orange background and bubble-shaped text combo. The video ended with a coming soon announcement, and the singer launched the collection on the It’s Giving website two days later.

The collection, which is listed under Volume 1 on the website, features a white cropped t-shirt with the word “Yes” printed on it, a white “It’s Giving” t-shirt with a cat, a blue “It’s Giving” t-shirt with the Dunkin’-inspired bubble font, a brown sweatsuit, blue “It’s Giving” sweatshorts, a “Yes”-printed jockstrap and thong, “It’s Giving” tube socks, and a trucker hat that says, “I <3 It’s Giving.”

Even though the bubble-shaped typeface is only used on one of the products in the collection, the Dunkin’-esque font and orange background are featured throughout the entire website, from the home page to the product descriptions — and fans didn’t need an eagle eye to say “It’s giving Dunkin’.


Elite Daily reached out to see if Dunkin’ felt some type of way about the incident, and according to a Dunkin’ spokesperson, it looks like the company is just happy to be on its fans’ minds. “We’re not associated with this collection, but we’re always happy to see Dunkin’ fans keeping us in mind, even when it comes to fashion,” a Dunkin’ spokesperson told Elite Daily in an email On Aug. 24. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all.

As of Aug. 24, Doja hasn’t commented on the comparisons, but she is was going by the Twitter profile name “my fault lol” on Aug. 23, though it was unclear when the singer made the name change — and by Aug. 24 it was “that rat can cook.” Elite Daily also reached out to It’s Giving for comment on the comparisons to Dunkin’, but didn’t hear back at the time of publication.

As for what fans had to say, in true Twitter fashion, the memes started rolling in as soon as the teaser dropped.

Not only does the orange from Doja’s brand remind Twitter user @ShaynoBayno of Dunkin’, but the pink is pretty spot on, too.

The Doja Drink could even surpass The Charli as the best Dunkin’ collab (but, alas, it’s not happening).

She already brought back the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell, but fans want more.

Hopefully this will lead to a collab down the line, and we can finally try the Dunkin’ Doja for real.

One user pointed out that Dunkin’ already has a merch line of its own — including fluffy slippers.

Twitter users are really trying to make this collab happen.

Others weighed in on what else they thought the collection was giving, including Word Art.

@Snugdeal3r even had me convinced that the brand was inspired by the cat food brand Iams.

While the comparisons are undeniable, Doja and Dunkin’ did not collab on It’s Giving, but if you want something new from both of them, you’re in luck. Dunkin’ released its pumpkin lineup on Aug. 17, including the new Nutty Pumpkin Coffee, and the It’s Giving collection is available for preorder, with products shipping out Sept. 29.

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