Doja Cat reacts to concerns on her mental health after shaving her head, saying she's fine — and ric...

Doja Is Annoyed People Keep Asking If She's OK After She Shaved Her Head

"I’m rich, I’m fine."

Mindy Small/FilmMagic/Getty Images

If there is one thing that you can count on from Doja Cat, it’s honesty. Earlier in the week Doja went live on her Instagram to chat with fans and shave her head and eyebrows, as one does. As a tidal wave of concerned comments came flooding into the chat, Doja assured everyone that she is perfectly fine. When the comments didn’t stop in the days following her Aug. 4 Instagram Live haircut, Doja Cat responded to worried fans with a video explaining why everyone stressing over her is annoying.

During her surprise IG Live on Aug. 4, Doja explained why she chose to shave her eyebrows and hair off, and the story behind it is totally understandable. “I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway. I’ve never liked having hair. I cannot tell you one time, since the beginning of my life, that I’ve ever been like, ‘This is cool.’” Everyone’s relationship with their hair is personal, and for Doja, shaving her eyebrows and hair is what feels authentic to her. Though she assured fans she is okay and isn’t in distress, some people on the internet wouldn’t stop making comments about the change, and Doja had enough.

Known to clap back when she’s pushed, Doja responded to tweets that criticized her hair (or lack thereof) choice. One user speculated “her energy has been off, like all she focuses on is the haters and negativity. It drains me as a fan of hers fr. Blocking ppl isn’t gonna stop the trolling. She needs to adjust to the celebrity life.” Doja’s response came in hot, calling for the fan to “shut the f*ck up” because they don’t know her life. The speculation felt like a reach, so Doja’s response was warranted.

More fans chimed in with their concerns, doubling down on insisting something must be wrong. Doja tweeted “people r so f*ckin dumb istg it’s terrifying”, to which a fan replied “Can you please grow up lmao. All you do is come online and rant about stuff. It’s never anything positive or being grateful. Just constant negativity, it’s so embarrassing and sad tbh.” The tweet was so out of pocket that Doja had to personally address it, matching the fan’s energy — “shut the f*ck up nerd nobody gives a f*ck.”

After popping off on Twitter, the singer went live on Instagram on Aug. 6 to address the hair(less) debacle, starting with a kind of comical comment — “I’m rich, I’m fine.” The opener seemed to set the tone because Doja continued candidly: “Just the whole ‘Are you okay, queen?’ sh*t makes me want to rip my…I guess the hair that I have left out and that would be my pubics.” Message definitely received.

Doja Cat has never let the societal expectation of women’s beauty standards stop her from living her best life.