Young woman holding Jack O’ Lanterns in her hand for Halloween
These TikTok Dollar Store Halloween Decor Hacks Include Budget Skeleton Sconces

Trick-or-treat yourself to a DIY night.

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Scrolling through Instagram and TikTok this time of year, you’re bound to see an increase in adorably decorated homes for Halloween as Oct. 31 approaches. You want to get into the spirit of things as well, but let’s face it, buying a bunch of spooky decor can be expensive AF. If you’re on a budget, you can still achieved the haunted home vibes you crave with all the best TikTok dollar store decor hacks for Halloween.

Actually, a Halloween DIY night sounds like the perfect way to kick off the season. Go for a quick run to your local dollar store to pick up some Halloween decor before spending the night at home with your roomies or partner making cute decorations to add to every room. You could even turn on a Halloween movie to watch while hot glueing. Get your craft on while watching The Craft or turn on Hocus Pocus as you focus on some DIY.

Whether you’re just looking for a statement piece for your coffee table, a place to display your fall scented candles, or a revamp of your mantel with spooky spiderwebs, these 12 TikTok dollar store Halloween decor ideas are just what you need. Don’t forget to share the makeover with a before and after TikTok video. You never know, you could inspire even more witches to get into the Halloween spirit as well.

Spooky Candle Set

For a haunted house vibe, try this candle set hack from TikToker @hometalk. This video actually has three great dollar store decor ideas you can try, but the spooky candle set is a must-do. It’ll make your home look like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland or Hill House from Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House.

All you need to do is take a foam noodle and spray paint it black. Make it look like it’s dripping candle wax by adding some hot glue to the exterior, and add in some fake tea lights to finish it off. The end result is a cluster of eerie candles.

Set of Spell Books

While TikToker @averagebutinspired has a fun video with a bunch of different Halloween decor ideas, you’ve got to try the first hack. You can replicate the spooky spell books by taking some dollar store books and spray painting them black. Stack them on your shelves to make it look like a pile of spell books is just laying around. TikToker @missiekr has a similar idea, but paints their books orange, yellow, and white to give them a candy corn feel.

Creepy Fabric

If you’re not much of a DIYer, this dollar store Halloween hack from TikTokers @craftylumberjacks is right up your alley. All you need to do is get some creepy fabric from the store and drape it along your mantel or even coffee table. Add some dollar store spiders, and you’ve got yourself a Halloween-inspired space with very little effort involved.

Skeleton Hand Wall Sconces

This skeleton hand wall sconces hack from TikToker @jboom80 is genius from start to finish. First, you’ll want to take a serving tray and spray paint it black. While that is drying, cut up a plastic skeleton hand to hot glue back together to look like it’s holding something. You’ll also want to melt a red crayon on top of a fake candle to give it a bloody good look.

When the hot glue has dried on the skeleton and the serving tray is ready to go, glue the skeleton hand to the tray so that you can place the candle on top of the hand. Hang it up on your wall, and you’ve got yourself a creepy wall scone to light your hallways.

Halloween Shirts

Everyone seems to love this Halloween shirt hack on TikTok. Just grab some black or orange tees from the dollar store along with some festive cutouts, like TikToker @graphicandsilk does. Using a spray bottle that you can also find at the dollar store, spray some bleach onto the shirts with the cutouts on top. Once that’s dried, you have some festive bleach-dyed wear.

Flying Bats

This is one of the simplest dollar store decor hacks for Halloween. Just take some bats and tape them onto your wall like TikToker @seasonal.hauls. You can scatter them about or arrange them going up one wall to look like they’re flying in.

Stacked Skull Stand

For a mantel statement piece, grab some skulls from the dollar store and spray paint them black. Hot glue them on top of each other to give yourself this stacked skull stand. You could also glue a tray on top to make it a candle holder. TikToker @kaylah.lopez shows you how to make a spooky terrarium with a glass case, fake moss, and tiny skeletons as well. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll have a super skele-fun display.

Crystal Ball

For #WitchTok vibes, make yourself this crystal ball for your coffee or dining table. Just take a plastic DIY snow globe from the store and fill it with tons of glitter. TikToker @jboom80 also fills their ball with baby oil, craft glue, and blue paint. For the base, spray paint a plastic mini bowl and glue your crystal ball right on top. When it’s all assembled, you’ll be ready to call in the spirits in no time.

Halloween Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. TikToker @haleskiz shows you how to make this festive Halloween wreath with just some ribbons, pipe cleaners, and a wreath form. If you’d rather have a more fall cabincore Halloween wreath, glue some fake fall flowers to your form instead.

Skeleton Creatures

Many TikTokers are getting these skeleton creatures from the dollar store. They’re great as is, but if you want to up the spook factor, get some tiny beads to glue into their eye sockets. As TikTokers @craftylumberjacks point out, it really gives your skeleton creatures some new life.

Skull Cages

The skulls from the dollar store can be used in variety of ways. While you can always glue them together to get a base for a serving tray or candle holder, they can also be used to make a creepy cage. Using two laundry baskets that are spray painted black, glue your skulls inside like TikToker @hometalk does before glueing together. Add some chains on top, and you’ve got yourself a skull cage you can hang up in a tree outside or in your living room.

Yarn Spiderwebs

A simple way to instantly give your home Halloween vibes is to add a giant spiderweb to your wall. Just take some black yarn and tape it to your wall in a web form like TikTokers @craftylumberjacks. Add a fake spider to give it the final touch it needs. You could also use some colorful yarn if you want more of vibrant Halloween aesthetic.