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The December 2022 Full Moon's Spiritual Meaning Spotlights Curiosity

You'll be minding *everyone's* business.

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The holiday season always coincides with #SagittariusSZN, which means it’s not only the season to be jolly, but also to shout your personal truths from the rooftops. As a mutable fire sign, the Archer is all about sharing enlightening wisdom with anyone willing to listen. Since it takes place in Sag’s sister sign — curious, chatty Gemini — everyone will be eager to engage in mentally stimulating discussions, but resolutions may be a bit more challenging to find. The spiritual meaning of the December 2022 full Cold Moon is all about embracing the inquiries that you don’t yet have answers to; it doesn’t make you any less brilliant.

As the full Cold Moon culminates in the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini, plenty of questions will arise within the birth charts of every zodiac sign. Since this full moon will be exactly conjunct Mars retrograde, however, there may be some tension that arises upon seeking out new information. The details you discover may also be faulty or inaccurate, making this an inauspicious time to attempt to learn anything new, or attempt to share important information with others. While your wheels are bound to be turning during this lunation, make sure that you’re mindful of how you’re communicating with others, because your opinions may not be well-received.

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What’s A Cold Moon?

A Cold Moon is another name for December’s annual full moon, which takes place in the couple weeks leading up to the winter solstice, aka the cold and dark period of the year. It’s also said that Cold Moons — aka Snow Moon, Winter Maker Moon, or insert other wintry name here — appear above the horizon longer than normal full moons, because of the time of year that they occur.

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When Does The December 2022 Cold Moon Take Place?

Starting on Dec. 7 at 11:09 p.m. EST, the full Cold Moon will illuminate the evening sky at 16 degrees of Gemini, bringing emphasis to communication, ideas, and curiosity across every zodiac sign’s birth chart. Since this lunation will be exactly conjunct Mars retrograde, a traditionally challenging planet, this full moon is bound to highlight conflict, anger, and confrontation. Now is not only a good time to choose your battles wisely, but consider whether or not these battles are worth engaging in altogether. Winning a heated debate may feel rewarding, but what’s the prize? Since Mars is currently retrograde in Mercury’s sign, words are the primary weapon, but you probably won’t be fighting fair. Be mindful of what you let slip on this day, because it’s bound to only add more fuel to the fire.

The house in your birth chart that this full moon highlights is where you’re bound to notice a desire to get curious and ask questions. It’s the perfect time to keep your mind busy through tasks that involve using your hands, or your mental power (think more on the side of knitting, playing Scrabble, or Words With Friends). It’s not an ideal day to engage in any high-velocity activities, since Mars retrograde is the current star of the show. Instead, try journaling, engaging in mentally-stimulating conversations, or reading a book. You’re bound to feel restless today, so having different tasks and activities to engage in is a great way to channel any excess energy.

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