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Every Sign's Relationships Will Undergo Major Shifts The Last Month Of The Year

The emotional roller coaster ride begins... NOW.

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As the nights become longer and the days grow colder, you can feel the sensation of December creeping up on you. The last month of 2021 carries so much heavy and transformative energy, encouraging you to identify what isn’t working and leave it behind. Another year is fast approaching and it’s filled with possibilities. Your December 2021 monthly horoscope kicks off with a powerful start, radiating change in the form of a solar eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius on Dec. 4. This is the final eclipse that will take place on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which means it may carry an air of finality to it and help you leave the finishing touches on a journey you’ve completed.

As the month continues, you may feel as though your relationships are evolving (or even devolving). As romantic Venus joins forces with dramatic Pluto on Dec. 11, tensions may grow high, making it more difficult to resist your more detrimental impulses. This conjunction between the planet of love and the planet of control can reveal deeper truths about who holds the power in your relationships and how they wield it.

By Dec. 13, passionate Mars will rev the engine and move into adventure-seeking and free-spirited Sagittarius, motivating you to take risks, embrace spontaneous opportunities, and expand your universe with a more open-minded outlook. However, as brainy Mercury moves into grounded and serious Capricorn, you may feel your focus drifting over to your career, your external goals, and how you can build an empire. As a full moon in chatty, intellectual, and social Gemini radiates throughout the cosmos on Dec. 18, you may become aware of details that were previously unknown to you, prompting you to develop an idea, bounce your thoughts off someone else, and start a more extensive discussion.

You may feel an intense shift, especially in your love life, social life, and financial status, by Dec. 19. This is when Venus — planet of luxury and desire — will station retrograde in Capricorn, revealing the ways your search for love and pleasure has led you to repeating unhealthy patterns. This is a powerful time to acknowledge what needs work in your relationships and make necessary adjustments to begin letting go of these patterns.

Capricorn season begins on Dec. 21, ushering in an era of making hard, but necessary decisions. Capricorn is an incredibly resilient sign that has a tendency to challenge you to overcome something in your life. By Dec. 24, Saturn — planet of tradition — will square off with Uranus — planet of rebellion — increasing the pressure to make a very difficult choice. Will you continue to uphold the boundaries that surround you or will you decide to tear them down?

As Venus once again joins forces with Pluto on Dec. 25, which may induce another major revelation about where your relationships stand. Even if it’s obvious that a relationship is toxic or detrimental, you or your partner may feel the instinct to cling onto the relationship even more intensely. Instead of letting fear guide your choices, try to tap into the well of bravery that’s always at your disposal.

The month of December may be an emotional roller coaster ride, but at times, that ride will also feel beautiful. Expansive Jupiter reenters imaginative and empathetic Pisces for the second time as of Dec. 28, where it will remain until May 2022. Jupiter rules over Pisces, which means that Jupiter loves being in Pisces. In this zodiac sign, Jupiter can do what it does best: encourage a more creative outlook, spread love, and help you see the beauty in everything.

Here’s what each zodiac sign should know heading into December:

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This month, you’ll be encouraged to let go of preconceived ideas and form new opinions. Your experiences cause you to see things differently, so maintaining the same beliefs, in spite of everything you’re learning, only holds you back. Eventually, you may have to make a choice between doing what you believe in and doing what the world wants you to do. All the glory and approval in the world may not matter to you if it means compromising your values.


You may find yourself reexamining your emotional attachments this month. It may be time to implement boundaries that allow you to protect your energy when you need it, but at the same time, too many boundaries can also hold you back from the connection you desire. You may stumble into unexpected situations with the people you hold close. These situations have the power to change both how you see your relationships and how you honor your independence.


A new relationship may begin this month. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re meeting someone new, but entering a new era in how a relationship functions. Although these changes may not be an easy adjustment, it’s important to remember that you can’t control others and you can’t hold yourself back from your own growth. If a relationship is holding you back instead of supporting your journey, don’t avoid that fact.


This month, you may feel a stark shift in the way you approach your daily routine and prioritize your health. Productivity is only possible when you’re working with a full tank rather than running on empty. As you work on your relationship with yourself, you may notice that weaknesses in your relationship with others are becoming more obvious. You may find yourself returning to someone from your past. Don’t glaze over what separated you in the first place.

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You may find yourself delving into something that makes you feel passionate and alive this month. If you let your fear of being imperfect or making a mistake hold you back from this passion, you’re letting go of a beautiful opportunity. However, don’t forget to stay focused and organized along the way. Some of your more questionable habits may distract you from the task at hand, making it harder to focus on anything but catching up.


Your sense of comfort and familiarity is being challenged this month. Your idea of “home” may be evolving, encouraging you to create the sense of belonging you’re striving for rather than settling for what you’ve always inherently belonged to. Your love life may take a few unexpected turns as the month progresses, and if you find yourself falling for someone who leaves you feeling insecure, it may be time to analyze the source of this attraction.


You may be embracing a social shift as this month begins. This shift could inspire you to start using your voice in a new way and choosing topics of discussion that feel more meaningful to you. New connections could form in the process. However, as the month continues, you may find that unfinished business in your personal life is resurfacing, forcing you to acknowledge what needs healing and what needs fixing. Find the source of your discomfort.


This month, you may find yourself redefining what brings you confidence and what builds up your self-esteem. It may be materialistic, but necessary things, such as money. It could also simply be a deeper trust in your ability to embrace stability. However, there may be tense moments in your relationship which could threaten that stability. Choosing your words carefully and communicating with the best intentions will make all the difference.

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You may find your life pivoting in a new direction as this month begins. No matter what you’re letting go of or what you’re embracing, you’re discovering deeper layers of yourself, which will inevitably help you tap into your own power. However, your coping mechanisms for dealing with these changes may reveal themselves, especially if you find yourself spending money to produce more dopamine. Let it show you ways to use your money more meaningfully.


You may begin the month processing some deeply personal revelations about how you feel and how you can forgive yourself for these feelings. Forgiveness doesn’t mean repeating the same mistakes, but releasing yourself from the guilt of it all. As the month continues, you may find yourself attracting intensity from many people around you, revealing how you navigate and maneuver conflict in your relationships. It’s time to accept what’s not in your control.


You may feel inspired by a community effort as this month begins. However, you need to be around the right people in order to bring your vision to life; people who share your interests and relate to your passion for the cause. As the month progresses, secrets people have been keeping from you and secrets you’ve been keeping from others may reveal themselves. You may be ready let go of erratic impulses that take your focus away from your own growth.


As the month begins, it may feel like your career is moving in a direction you weren’t prepared for. However, sometimes things go a little haywire before they make sense. Letting go of one opportunity will you up to an opportunity that may be way more in line with your true talents and interests. Be careful of who you decide to work with and who you place your trust in. You may realize which of your friends truly have your back and which are waiting for you to fail.