Cyber Monday
A woman with her coffee does some Cyber Monday shopping from her laptop and posts on Instagram with ...

35 Cyber Monday Instagram Captions You’ll Want To Add To Cart ASAP

It’s hands down the best Monday of the year.

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Cyber Monday is the ideal shopping day of the year. Not only are there a ton of deals from all your favorite stores, but you can shop them all right at home. All you need to do is pour yourself a cup of coffee, get comfy on the couch, and click around for the best deals. You may even want to prepare some Cyber Monday Instagram captions for selfies of you browsing in your PJs.

While Black Friday has shifted a lot of their deals and discounts online these days, Cyber Monday still remains the one big day to virtually shop. You can really kick off the holiday season by getting something for everyone on your list all while kicking your feet up and snuggling under a blanket. In fact, you could post a super cute POV pic of your Cyber Monday setup that shows off your home brewed coffee and perfectly seasoned avocado toast. You may also want to model off your loungewear lewk of cozy slippers and matching sweats for a Cyber Monday OOTD.

Even if you’re just sharing your fave Cyber Monday deals with your friends on Instagram, you’ll want to have some Cyber Monday Instagram captions to make posting easier. Use an LOL-worthy Cyber Monday pun that fits your jolly vibe, or something festive because you’re feeling like Santa with all the presents you’re getting for your friends early this year. Whatever the pic you have to post, any of these 35 Cyber Monday quotes are sure to make it even better.

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  1. “The only Monday I like is Cyber Monday.”
  2. “It’s easy to be a morning person on Cyber Monday.”
  3. “Got to get to the couch for Cyber Monday shopping.”
  4. “Catch the Cyber Monday ‘fit.”
  5. It's an add to cart kind of day.”
  6. Nothing haunts me like the things I didn't buy.”
  7. “The easiest shopping day of the year.”
  8. “I look like I’m working hard, but I’m really just online shopping.”
  9. “Here’s to hoping the hype of Cyber Monday makes today not feel like a Monday.”
  10. “Words cannot espresso how much I love shopping at home.”
  11. “I never miss a chance to shop.”
  12. “Get in loser, we’re going online shopping.”
  13. “I’m a sucker for you.” — Jonas Brothers, “Sucker”
  14. “Two of my favorite things are coffee and shopping.”
  15. “Felt cute, might shop for deals later.”
  16. “Surprise, I’m shopping again.”
  17. “TFW you need a coffee break from Cyber Monday shopping.”
  18. “I love it when I can shop with my slippers on.”
  19. “Happy Cyber Monday to all who celebrate it.”
  20. “My Sunday Funday turned into Cyber Monday.”
  21. “A good deal makes Monday tolerable.”
  22. “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose out on these Cyber Monday deals.”
  23. “Seize the Cyber Monday.”
  24. “Santa’s got nothing on Cyber Monday.”
  25. “Just treating myself to some Cyber Monday deals.”
  26. “I like online shopping, because it’s the only time I can shop with sweatpants on and a glass of wine.”
  27. Happiness is not in money, but in shopping.” — Marilyn Monroe
  28. “Cyber Monday: Click. Delivered. Done.”
  29. “Just gobbling up these Cyber Monday deals.”
  30. “Pie like shopping on Cyber Monday.”
  31. “Money can’t buy happiness if you shop on the wrong day of the year.”
  32. “Shortest horror story ever: Sold out.”
  33. “Time to shop.”
  34. “I work hard so I can shop harder.”
  35. “If you can’t stop thinking about it, you might as well buy it.”