A box of Crumbl Cookies like what you'd see in a TikTok review.
These Crumbl Cookie TikToks Review Whether The Viral Treat Is Worth The Hype

That’s the way the cookie crumbls.

If you consider yourself a foodie, there’s a chance you’ve come across the super trendy Crumbl Cookies on either your TikTok FYP or while scrolling through Instagram. The photo-worthy, fun-flavored cookies are definitely having their moment, but is it a fleeting one? With every tasty review of Crumbl Cookies raving about their flavor, there’s also a TikTok or two about a less-than-stellar icing presentation. So, before you order up your own cookies, you’ll want to check out these Crumbl Cookie TikTok videos to determine whether the viral treat is really worth all the hype it’s getting.

Of course, viral desserts are nothing new. You may remember when Cronuts were all the rage and trendy cupcake bakeries were popping up everywhere. Let’s not forget that Krispy Kreme is always coming out with ‘Gram-worthy doughnuts, and Oreo cookies have a seemingly endless rotation of fun flavors debuting all the time. So, what makes Crumbl Cookies so special? Their big draw is limited-time offerings with a menu that rotates each week, giving you so many different options to choose from. Case in point: for National Geographic’s Sharkfest, Crumbl Cookies came out with a Hawaiian-themed menu that included a Shark Sugar cookie, a Hawaii Rainbow Cake cookie, and a Pineapple Whip cookie similar to Disneyland’s Dole Whip.

While the flavors are interesting enough themselves, it’s the cookies’ picture-perfect appearance that’s led to them gaining so many likes on the ‘Gram. However, a number of Crumbl Cookies TikToks from people who’ve tried them show that not everything is always as it seems.

Gray Rainbow Cookie

When TikTokers @airandchamp ordered up the Hawaii Rainbow Cake cookie, they expected to get a delicious treat with vibrant icing. What they actually got was a gray blob. When mixing different colors, there’s always the chance they’ll blend together, but you’d expect a cookie that’s supposed to be Insta-worthy to deliver on the different hues. In their review, they called it the “busted Hawaiian Rainbow Cake” and revealed they didn’t really like the flavor either.

“The Best Cookie” Review

TikToker Nicole Axelrod (@nicoleaxelrod) claims the Honey Bun cookie is “literally the best cookie” in this weekly cookie review. While some people have complained that their Crumbl Cookies are dry, Axelrod claims the Honey Bun in particular is “moist” and “delicious.”

Not Very Fresh Strawberries

Some Crumbl Cookies come with fresh fruit on top, which should be refrigerated if not enjoyed right away. Unfortunately, it seems TikToker @miafuckrion’s Strawberries N’ Cream cookie ended up with more than just whipped cream and strawberries on top. After leaving out for a few days, the strawberries developed a bit of mold as well. However, the TikToker later shared another video revealing that the cookies were apparently left out and ruined on purpose for some TikTok clout, so you can’t always believe the negative reviews you see.

Picnic With Crumbl Cookies

TikToker @picnicandunwind shared an adorable and picturesque way to enjoy some Crumbl Cookies. Put together a bougie picnic setup in your backyard with a table, throw pillows, and color-coordinated decor. Don’t forget to plate your cookies nicely at the center of your table, and document the whole thing for your own TikTok video.

When Your Icing Is Having An Off Day

Since Crumbl Cookies are made fresh in-store, you don’t expect every single cookie to look exactly the same. You do expect your icing to at least be presentable, though, which wasn’t the case with TikToker @bri.nick’s Hawaii Rainbow Cake cookie. The tiny icing squiggle was not exactly what was advertised. TikToker @user5373872814438 also revealed they got a “weak squiggle” and the gummy shark on top of the Shark Sugar cookie was missing.

Some Locations Never Disappoint

While some Crumbl Cookies locations need a little icing refresh, other stores are always delivering Insta-worthy treats. TikToker @n00daliee revealed their Crumbl Cookies store “never disappoints” while showing off some truly gorgeous treats. They’re almost too pretty to eat.

This Mom And Daughter Review Crumbl Cookies Together

Keep in mind that not everyone is going to love every Crumbl Cookies flavor. If you want to hear from a variety of people, check out TikToker Kelsie Flaim (@thehungryfoodie)‘s weekly reviews with her mom. While they agree some cookies are better than others, their number ratings always vary.

Deliveries Gone Wrong

Crumbl Cookies offers a variety of ways to get your hands on some cookies. You could go in-store, order curbside pickup, or have some cookies delivered straight to your door. If you go with the delivery option, you run the risk of your cookies not arriving in an Insta-worthy state. TikToker @madelinesanderss ran into this issue and reported their cookies definitely shifted during their trip to her home.

A Trip To The Crumbl Cookies Store

If you want to make sure your cookies are picture-perfect, going in-store is the way to go. TikToker @_breannabrooks demonstrated just how easy it is to order at Crumbl Cookies with this TikTok. They even show you what your cookies will look like in the box as you select them.

While TikTokers have definitely pointed out some issues they’ve run into, Crumbl Cookies has been very vigilant about keeping track of which locations aren’t up to par. You may have even see them commenting on some negative reviews and asking “what location is this,” which just goes to show that they’re trying to improve and keep standards high. Plus, with every negative review, there’s also a positive one saying Crumbl Cookies are worth the hype.

So, if there’s a cookie you want to try, you might as well go. You never know — you and Crumbl Cookies may end up being a batch made in heaven.