3 young cousins picking their group chat name.

90 Group Chat Names For Cousins Who Are Your Built-In BFFs

Just cuz.

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When your cousins are your best friends in the world, that means you likely check in with each other on the daily via your group chat. Right now, you may actually have a ton of different group chats going on between your hometown friends, your family, your coworkers, and your roomies. Things can get pretty messy if your chats aren’t labeled properly, so it’s time to give your cousin chat a name that accurately describes your vibes.

Scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, you may come across a funny meme you want to send to your cousins. It’s so much easier to do that when you’ve got a group chat name you can remember. Of course, you know that — the problem is picking out a name that perfectly fits your particular family. Not all cousin crews are the same, so something generic like “My Cousins” may feel cold when you know they deserve something so much more. Luckily, this list of group chat names range from sweet to funny, so you can find something that feels right.

If you think of your cousins like your siblings, go with a super sweet name that shows how much they mean to you. Go with something punny if you and your cousins are always joking around or saving each other during awkward family reunion moments. These 90 group chat names may seem like a lot to sift through, but just like you know your cousins better than anyone else, you’ll know which one is right the moment you see it. Then you'll be ready to send all of those throwback pics of you playing dress-up at your grandma's house with a brand new name in no time.

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  1. My Fam Faves
  2. Forever Fam
  3. Throwback Crew
  4. Basically Siblings
  5. Cousin Crew
  6. Mermaid To Be Friends Forever
  7. My Gene Pool
  8. The Bad Apples
  9. The Kids' Table
  10. Y’all Look FAMiliar
  11. Doughnut Know What I'd Do Without
  12. My Favorite Squad
  13. Cuz We're The Real Deal
  14. Family Heirlooms
  15. Turtley Awesome Cousins
  16. Koalaty Cousins
  17. Friendship Goes Onion On
  18. Orange You Glad We're Cousins
  19. Kind Of A Big Dill
  20. We Are Family
  21. A Pizza My Heart
  22. Cool Cousins
  23. Dime A Cousin
  24. Family First
  25. No Diving In The Gene Pool
  26. Cousin Ketchup
  27. Watts Up Cuz
  28. Just 'Cuz
  29. Family Reunion Crashers
  30. The Meaning Of Family
  31. Full House
  32. Modern Family
  33. Butter Half
  34. Love You Berry Much
  35. Thanks For Pudding Up With Me
  36. Grandma's Favorites
  37. Fineapples
  38. Like A Waffle Lot
  39. The Dream Team
  40. The Troublemakers
  41. The Family Knots
  42. The Family Squad
  43. Souper Cousins
  44. Sew Glad We're Cousins
  45. Cuz I Love Them A Latte
  46. Lava My Family
  47. Cerealsly The Best
  48. The Circle Of Trust
  49. Berry Best Cousins
  50. Olive My Family
  51. Gouda Cousins
  52. You Can't Text With Us
  53. My People
  54. Family Board Members
  55. My Ride Or Dies
  56. The Bloodline
  57. Pearfect Family
  58. Soy Awesome Cousins
  59. It's Cheesy, But My Family's Grate
  60. Hap-Bee Family
  61. My Cup Of Tea
  62. My Spuds
  63. Love A Brunch
  64. Eggcellent Cousins
  65. Fam Floats My Boat
  66. Blooming Good Time
  67. Oh Ship, My Family
  68. One Big Appley Family
  69. I Woof You
  70. I Dumble-Adore My Family
  71. Batty About My Family
  72. You Bet Giraffe We're The Best Cousins
  73. Much Love Pho My Cousins
  74. Meow Cousins
  75. My Best Witches
  76. Relatively Funny
  77. Built-In BFFs
  78. Cousin Central
  79. When’s The Next Vacay
  80. Classy Cousins
  81. Everything Is Relative
  82. My Near And Dears
  83. Thanksgiving Lifesavers
  84. Born Besties
  85. Family Matters
  86. The Throwback Zone
  87. Cousin Clique
  88. When’s The Sleepover?
  89. The Cutest Cousins
  90. Family Secrets

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