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Here’s The Real Cost Of Staying At The White Lotus In Hawaii & Sicily

Tanya really paid the ultimate price.

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Aside from the potential for murder, staying at a White Lotus resort is going to cost you financially. Judging from past guests, you know both The White Lotus in Sicily and Hawaii are considered luxury stays for the elite. While they may be fictional resorts for the show, both seasons of The White Lotus were filmed at real Four Season hotels. Knowing this, you can guesstimate the cost of staying at a White Lotus and see if it’s something you can afford to do IRL.

Before adding on any additional excursions and expenses, like Daphne and Harper’s villa stay, how much does it actually cost to stay at The White Lotus in Sicily for seven nights. If a Hawaiian vacay has been on your to-do list since watching Season 1, you might also be wondering how much it would cost to stay at The White Lotus in Hawaii for six nights as well. Just calculating the room costs and eating all your meals at the resort restaurant, here’s a breakdown of how much you’d have to budget for The White Lotus. With all the drama that comes with staying at a White Lotus, it may not be worth it to book a vacay there.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At The White Lotus In Hawaii?

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Season 1 of The White Lotus took place on Maui in Hawaii. The actual filming location was the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. Now, a trip to Hawaii is not cheap. Of course, there are ways to have a budget-friendly vacay, but no one staying at a White Lotus is concerned with breaking the bank. Since Tanya is a consistent character in both seasons, let’s use her as our example.

In the first season, Tanya stays by herself in the “Hibiscus Suite” at the White Lotus Resort & Spa. Since she only needs one bed, it’s likely that she stayed in a suite equivalent to the Club Oceanfront Prime One-Bedroom Suite, which costs on average about $9,600 a night in May. For six nights, you’ll need to save about $57,600 plus taxes, which in total is closer to $67,632. While that may already seem too bougie for you, the honeymooners (Alexandra Daddario and Jake Lacy) likely spent $29,000 a night on their presidential oceanview suite for $204,306 total.

Other White Lotus Hawaii Costs

During her stay, Tanya also went to the spa to visit Belinda. On the first day, she gets a cranial sacral. The closest treatment to that available at the Four Seasons is the cranial release, which is $280 for 50 minutes. She eventually gets a 90-minute massage, which isn’t available but they do have an 80-minute massage for $300. On day four of her vacay, Tanya gets a wrap and oxygen facial, which is around $525 for both treatments. Add all those visits up, and you’re looking at an additional $1,105.

Tanya also gets dinner at the resort five of the six nights she’s there. There are a few dining options available at the Four Seasons, but an entree will cost on average $56 with a glass of wine around $20. That’s $380 for dinner. She does get breakfast once, and their buffet is about $52. For one of the nights, Tanya doesn’t get dinner but instead charters a boat with wine and cheese to finally dump her mother’s ashes. The Four Seasons does offer private yacht tours, but doesn’t list a price. However, Island Star charges $2,400 to charter a private yacht for four hours in Maui. It’s likely Tanya paid the same amount with the wine and cheese included.

Calculating all of those costs, here’s how much Tanya spent to stay at The White Lotus in Hawaii:

  • Hotel — $67,632 for six nights
  • Dining — $432
  • Spa — $1,105
  • Yacht — $2,400
  • Total: $71,569

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At The White Lotus In Sicily?


Moving on to The White Lotus Season 2, Tanya may argue that this trip was definitely not worth the price tag for how it ended. Regardless, let’s go over how much Tanya spent on rooms alone at The White Lotus in Sicily. As fans may know, The White Lotus Season 2 was filmed at the Four Seasons San Domenico Palace, and it looks like Tanya chose the Royal Suite for her and Greg.

Unfortunately, the massive suite with a large living room and terrace is only available to book over the phone, so room rates aren’t as accessible. However, the next best suite is the Princess Cecile Suite, which is €6,010 ($6,394) a night for the A Suite Dream package that includes transportation to and from the airport as well as breakfast each morning. This is likely what Tanya paid for, which is $48,094 for seven nights including tax.

This season, Tanya also paid for Portia to come along on her trip, which is an additional cost. Since Portia doesn’t need that much, she likely has the most budget-friendly room — aka the Sea-View Premium Room for about €1,685 ($1,792) a night or $13,874 for the entire trip with taxes. That also includes breakfast, which Portia does take advantage of more than Tanya.

Other White Lotus Sicily Costs

The Four Seasons in Sicily does have a spa, but Tanya didn’t go to it this time around. Instead, she spent most of her money on day trips and dinner. Tanya had dinner at the resort for four nights, since the other nights she was in Palermo at Quentin’s villa. A main course at the fine dining restaurant averages to about $52 a person. There is also a tasting menu, which seems to be more Tanya’s style that ranges from $122 to $234 a person. Let’s just go with that average, which is $178, and about $712 all together.

Not counting her vespa excursion with Greg and her booking with the tarot reader, here’s how much Tanya spent to stay at The White Lotus in Sicily alone:

  • Hotel — $61,968 for seven nights
  • Dining — $712
  • Total: $62,680

So, it seems Tanya ended up spending a little less on her Sicilian vacation. However, some would say, in the end, it cost her more.