Chrissy Teigen to launch line of home baking mixes from Cravings this year.

Chrissy Teigen's Home Baking Mixes Line Includes Banana Bread

These fall recipe kits will be your new craving.

Aimee Nicolas

Followers of Chrissy Teigen on IG know that one of her favorite places to be is in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious. And now, Chrissy Teigen’s home baking mixes line is making home baking easier than ever with pre-measured baking mixes that minimize your ingredients. The model, mom, and internet personality’s brand Cravings, named after her line of cookbooks, created the collection of mixes adapted from her tested and loved recipes. It’s Teigen’s first-ever food product launch with Cravings, and if her best-selling recipe books tell us anything, we’re in for a sweet treat.

When it comes to delicious fall flavors, Teigan just gets it. Her baking mix line includes three mouthwatering recipes that sound perfect for a cozy, rainy day: Ultimate Banana Bread Mix, Buttermilk Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix, and Salted White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Mix. Yum. If you own her cookbooks, you may already love these recipes after following them at home, and it’s your lucky day because you can now whip them up a lot faster – so you can enjoy them sooner.

Aimee Nicolas

Baking can really come down to a science, where precise ingredient measurements can make or break your confectionary creation. Depending on the recipe, measuring out dozens of ingredients can be very time consuming, too. These baking mixes are pretty genius because they take all the prep work out of baking and are specifically designed in Teigen’s culinary vision. Sometimes, you’ll find a recipe and have the wrong type of flour or sugar on hand, and you proceed anyway, only to find that the texture or flavor is slightly off. Box mixes are helpful because they come with the ideal ingredients for the recipe so you don’t have to run around to different supermarkets searching for obscure food items. She’s making it easy to execute fancy-sounding sweets with just a few basic ingredients in your cabinet.

If this news is peaking your “cravings,” you can look forward to more product launches from the brand over the next year. Think: pasta sauce, condiments, and snacks.

When Can You Get Chrissy Teigen’s Home Baking Mixes?

Aimee Nicolas

Pre-orders for the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen baking mixes begin Oct. 20 on the Cravings site. Those orders will start shipping Oct. 25, and the baking mixes are expected to launch in retailers in 2023. If you happen to live in the Los Angeles area and are feeling hungry, you can actually test out one of the Cravings baking mixes before it starts shipping nationally.

Starting Oct. 20, on your Postmates app, you’ll be able to order one of Chrissy Teigen’s Ultimate Banana Bread Mix loaves to your door if you have a Los Angeles address. This freshly baked loaf is just a preview of the baked goods you can make at home using the Cravings baking mix. You’ll need to act fast, though. There will be a limited amount of banana bread available to order each day, but the advance preview will be happening Oct. 20 through Oct. 30. So, if you don’t get your banana bread on the first day, keep trying. Along with your loaf, you’ll also get a box of the Ultimate Banana Bread Mix for you to make your own banana bread at home later. Plus, all proceeds from your banana bread Postmates delivery will be donated to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Therefore, you’re not only getting basically two banana breads for the price of one, but you’re also baking the world a better place. Now that’s a-peeling.