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5 Career Paths To Consider If You Live & Breathe Manifestation

Creativity? Check. Endless growth potential? Also check.

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Listen up, law of attraction besties. If you’re here, then you know that literally anything is possible with the power of manifestation. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, or simply lucky girl syndrome that you’re after, the universe is ready to deliver. For those figuring out what to study or which jobs to apply for post-grad, are there some professions better suited to manifestation than others? As it turns out, not only can you attract your dream job through the law of attraction, but your career can help you keep inviting all the good things in a happy little high-vibe manifestation loop.

According to the pros, there are certain occupations especially aligned with conscious creation, aka manifestation. What does that mean, exactly? “We were born to be creators,” Shannon M. Quinn, a mindset and manifestation coach, tells Elite Daily. According to Quinn, it’s like breathing: You’re constantly doing it, even when you don’t notice. But when you’re aware that your continued thoughts shape your physical reality, you can intentionally decide what you bring into being — hence, conscious creation.

Your work environment can have an enormous impact on those daily thoughts, so the best careers for manifesting are those that foster a feeling of limitless possibility and positivity. “If you’re consistently in a job that’s making you unhappy or around people who are putting holes in your ideas, you’re going to start attracting negative things because that’s what you’re vibrationally aligning with,” says Quinn, adding that strict data-driven fields may pose more challenges when it comes to limiting beliefs and doubt. If you work in, say, pharmaceuticals, Quinn says, “it’s going to be difficult because they’re more into the data and not thinking their mind has any effect on results.” Ideally, you want an atmosphere where big thinking is embraced.

Below, Quinn, alignment coach Nadia Khaled, and spiritual manifestation coach Latha Jay share the career paths for those who live and breathe manifestation.


If there was ever a career path absolutely made for manifesters, it’s entrepreneurship. Creation is the name of the game, and this is a career where you are quite literally creating your own job out of nothing.

“It’s very freeing to build a career where you’re working for yourself, because you can really manifest any kind of business just by getting in touch with the things you’re interested in and enjoy doing,” Khaled tells Elite Daily. Try not to get wrapped up in what you think would make the most money or bring you the highest status. Instead, Khaled says, “it’s really about what would make you happy every day.”

When you own your own business, you have the freedom to cast your imagination far and wide, in a way that’s much easier than with a structured 9-to-5 job. You set the rules and decide how far your business can go. “You could say, ‘For this launch, I’m going to manifest $45K’ or ‘I’m going to manifest 200 new clients,’” says Jay. “There’s a huge aspect of confidence that goes into entrepreneurship and belief. If you believe you can be successful in the sales of what you’re creating, that’s manifestation happening right there.”

Content Creator

Content creation goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. There’s a level of freedom and possibility that allows you to dream outside the box and follow your inner voice and creativity — all things highly conducive to manifestation. “TikTok is a really good example, because we see so many people embracing their creativity, and that is so good for your soul,” Quinn says.

Anything where you get to be your own boss or sell a product is a perfect opportunity to work some magic. “Content creation is such a wide umbrella, and you can really manifest any lane that feels right to you,” Khaled says. “You can write out the conditions of whatever brand deals or kind of clients you want.” She uses herself as an example: “I decided that I wanted to get paid for making videos. So I would write in my journal, ‘This brand reached out to me because they wanted to collaborate, and it was for this much money,’” she says, noting the importance of “stepping into the energy” that you already have what you’re attracting.


Another sales-driven field, real estate is bursting with high vibe potential. “Intentional thought is involved, but real estate can also be a very visual thing,” Jay tells Elite Daily. “When you walk a client through the house, it’s experiential — the way things feel, the location, the smells — so it very much aligns with the space of manifesting.”

Goal-setting is also a major player when it comes to real estate sales. “You could say, ‘This month I’m going to sell three houses,’” says Jay. “That’s a declaration. You’re not saying ‘I hope I’ll sell three houses.’ ... You’re declaring: ‘I’m going to sell three houses this month.’ That’s a part of manifesting — being really clear on what you want to achieve.”

Plus, if you have a hard time with the visualization method of manifesting, getting into real estate can fix that. Say you’re trying to attract your dream home, but you’re struggling to visualize that level of luxury. “If you’re constantly showing high-rise condos, then that becomes common to you,” Jay says. “It shifts your perspective on what’s achievable.”

Online Coach

As an online coach, not only are you able to align with any kind of client you desire, but you also have the freedom to choose any niche you feel aligned with. Khaled highly recommends this lane for manifestation buffs. “You can work from all over the world, it’s totally remote, and it’s really fulfilling because everyone has a skill set that they are able to help other people learn,” she says. Subjects like life coaching, mindset, and spirituality are no-brainer choices, but really anything you’re well-versed in, you can teach. Think health and fitness, finance, business, speaking, arts, or technical skills — wherever your expertise and interests lie.

When she started online coaching, Khaled says she put a lot of thought and intention into the kind of business she was creating. “I got really clear on the kind of people I wanted to help, what my skills are, and what kind of transformation I could help them create,” she says.


Anything in the creative field will double down on the high vibe attraction. Whether you’re singing, dancing, acting, painting, or writing, the arts open the floodgates to universal blessings. “Anything where the power of your positive thinking, vibration, and outlook on life can affect others and the world around you [is ideal for manifestation],” Quinn says.

Writing is a highly imaginative avenue. “If you’re writing articles, books, [or] children’s stories, you’re using your creative power, which is the most potent thing we have in our lives,” Quinn says. When you write, you’re creating something from nothing. “Your idea does not exist in the physical world yet. ... It’s only in your mind, and you are pulling it into the physical reality.”

Manifestation techniques can help you get your art seen by more people, too — as showcased by one of Khaled’s clients. “She was looking to quit her 9-to-5 and become a published author,” she tells Elite Daily, noting the client’s initial doubts about making such a huge career leap. But with an attracter’s mindset and trust in her intuition, the client attracted a publisher for her novel in two weeks.

“That’s just an example of how following your intuition will lead you to the right place at the right time [to manifest your goals],” Khaled says. Let go of “the how,” as Khaled puts it, and trust that the universe will get you there.

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