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The “O Method” Is TikTok’s Favorite Spicy Manifestation Technique

@hothighpriestess explains how to do it.

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2023 is already shaping up to be the year of manifestation. Lucky girl syndrome is all over TikTok, and comments sections are filled with people “claiming this energy” when good things happen to someone else. There are plenty of different methods to purportedly manifest your dream life, from buying crystals to repeating daily affirmations in the mirror. But one TikTok trend involves something a bit spicier — say hello to the O Method, where you envision exactly what you want during orgasm.

On TikTok, the method was popularized by Sara Perl, aka @hothighpriestess, who has built a following of 2 million for her manifestation tips. “The O Method is where we essentially use the power of sexual energy to manifest what we want,” Perl tells Elite Daily. “It's the combination of feeling, visualizing, and claiming your desired reality.”

Why orgasm? Perl, an intuitive tarot reader and manifestation coach, explains the unexpected tie between climax and manifestation — and it has to do with getting in touch (literally and metaphorically) with your emotions. “One of the pillars of manifestation is feeling,” she says. So, if you want to bring more love into your life, you have to start by feeling that love within yourself.

And it’s not just Perl saying so. Her comments sections are full of people swearing by the O Method. If you’re interested in trying the O Method for yourself — to manifest a new romantic connection, greater self-love, or a stronger bond with a current partner — Perl lays out the basics below.

The O Method, Explained (In NSFW Detail)

All the amazing, toe-curling, heart-pounding things about orgasm can translate to powerful manifestation. “You have to feel the emotion in order to attract it,” Perl explains. “So if you want to attract more love into your life, you have to feel that love. If you want to attract more sexual chemistry, you need to feel sexual chemistry.” And what better time to invite love into your life than when you are literally practicing self-pleasure?

This technique harnesses what manifestation experts call “sacral energy.” A brief anatomy lesson: The sacrum is part of your pelvis, located toward the bottom of your spine. Perl calls it the “creation center” of your body. According to some spiritual traditions, the sacral chakra is an energy center that governs creativity and sexuality, and sacral energy begins in that place.

When you feel yourself getting ready to reach orgasm, you’ll want to visualize the thing you hope to attract. Maybe it’s a stronger sense of self, more confidence, or attention from a person you really like. “The key to visualization is to put yourself in the state of the end experience,” Perl explains. In other words, imagine experiencing your desired reality: Does your strongest, most confident self have a new job? A nicer apartment? A loving partner? To manifest this future self, picture it as you’re reaching that peak.

Visualizing a crush might be the most instinctual way to do this. “I think for a lot of us, when we're in that state [of self-pleasure], we're thinking about someone,” Perl says. If there’s someone specific who turns you on, you might already have your mind on them. Then it’s simply a matter of visualizing what exactly you want — and who you want to share it with.

If You’re Struggling To Visualize While You’re Getting Busy…

Before you try it out, there are a few things to know about visualization, especially if you’re a beginner to this practice. “When I talk about visualization, I'm talking about using your imagination to see with your mind's eye,” Perl says. To attract what you want (whatever that may be), you have to put it in focus — the same way you need to focus the camera before taking a picture.

That might sound simple enough, but the reality of visualization can be tricky. That’s why Perl suggests starting small, picturing concrete ideas (like a person or an object) and leaving abstract concepts for later. “If I say the word ‘river,’ you see something in your head. You can hear the water and feel droplets on your skin,” she says.

Like most manifestation techniques, the O Method can take time to perfect. “The O Method is a really powerful energy to tap into, and it takes skill,” Perl says. If you’re having trouble visualizing your spiciest fantasy, she recommends trying other forms of manifestation first.

Scripting, which involves writing down what you want, is one way to get started. Another Perl-approved favorite is the Whisper Method. This involves linking your desire with a specific person, then visualizing yourself walking toward them and whispering what you want in their ear. (For example, you’d picture yourself approaching your crush at the office, and whispering in their ear, “I want you to ask me on a date.”)

Perfecting these approaches first can be helpful, since they focus solely on manifestation and limit other distractions — like, perhaps, the buzzing of your favorite sex toy.

Can Climaxing Really Bring You Everything You Desire?

The O Method requires a lot of practice, so you shouldn’t expect one orgasm (no matter how o-mazing) to unlock all of your desires. That said, Perl can personally vouch for the O Method’s success. “The first time I used the O Method, I immediately got a text from a specific person that I was manifesting,” she says. And if you’re doing it correctly, she assures you can expect to see results quickly, too. As one commenter put it, “I used the O Method this morning. It works like a charm.”

With plenty of success stories, Perl isn’t surprised by the O Method’s popularity. “These methods are viral for a reason because they work, and they work fast,” she says.

Of course, there are some people who struggle with this technique — and Perl thinks she knows why. “It doesn’t work if you’re putting a specific person on a pedestal. When you think about them during orgasm, you’re thinking, ‘This person’s perfect. I want them.’” Apparently, that mindset is all backwards. “You have to visualize them being obsessed with you, not the other way around.” Maybe now’s a good time to explore some praise kink fantasies?

Even if the O Method doesn’t work for you, you’ll still be orgasming. (Hey, there are definitely worse ways to fail.) Plus, as Perl says, practice makes perfect. There’s always the chance of better results with round two… or three, or four.

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