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Candles Are 50% Off At Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Excuse me while I spend all my Christmas cash.

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Bath & Body Works is the gift that keeps giving. Just a few weeks after its beloved Candle Day sale, Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale is back to close out the year on a very sweet and scented high note. If you’ve already stocked up on all the candles you’ll need to get through the coming winter, don’t worry; there’s much, much more than candles you can get discounted. If you don’t want to wait for summer to do a massive Bath & Body Works’ re-up, you’re going to have to take notes on all the sale details happening right now.

The scents you surround yourself with are incredibly important. Beyond making your space cozier, they can calm you, bring up positive memories, and improve your mood. So finding fragrances that speak to you, when it comes to both your skin and your home, is a must. All of this is to say, you really want to go all out at Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale.

The discounts go all the way up to 75% off, and that’s not all you have to look forward to. To reap as many bargains as you possibly can, below are all the details about Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale.

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When does Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale start?

You may have to take some extra days off this holiday season because Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale is launching on Dec. 26, just one day after Christmas. You’ll be able to check out all the discounts on all the goodies before your Christmas leftovers are even gone.

When does Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale end?

You’ve got a decent amount of time to scope out everything going on sale. Rather than just a day or even a week of bargains, you can shop Bath & Body Works’ semi-annual sale all the way through Jan. 18.

What’s included in Bath & Body Semi-Annual Sale?

The whole kit and caboodle are up for grabs at amazing prices at this end-of-the-year sale. A limited selection of items will be a whopping 75% off, but that’s not all. Past years have included deals like 50% off 3-wick candles, body creams, and hand soaps as well as packs of five hand sanitizers for $4. Here’s what I’m hoping to add to my cart.