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There Will Be A Lot Of Pressure On These 3 Zodiac Signs The Week Of August 2

But it won’t be *all* bad.

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In astrology, nothing is ever inherently “good” or “bad.” Most of the time, your horoscope sits somewhere in the middle, because beauty is only beautiful thanks to the way it shines beside the ugliness. Life is a mixed bag, filled with shades of gray, and astrology is a language that describes exactly what shade we’re dealing with. So when I say August 2, 2021 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs — Taurus, Aquarius, and Pisces — don’t let it bring you down.

Truth is, this week is not an easy one. On Aug. 2, the sun will oppose Saturn, laying down the law. Saturn is a disciplinary planet that wants you to practice restraint instead of excess, and in this case, it could leave you feeling stagnant, lonely, and possibly even pessimistic. By Aug. 6, the sun will even square off with erratic and unpredictable Uranus, furthering the intensity of this week’s astrology and paving the way for any wild and unexpected thing to happen.

However, it’s not all bad. On Aug. 3, stylish and romantic Venus will trine quirky and individualistic Uranus, which will help you tap into your independence and your authenticity. If you’ve ever felt afraid of standing out and doing things your own way, this moment will feel incredibly revitalizing. It could help you discover your own definition of what love means. You’re the only one who knows what your heart truly wants.

All of this culminates with a powerful new moon in Leo on Aug. 8, which could feel like a whole lot of pressure. However, this pressure is encouraging you to fight for what you want and confidently express yourself, regardless of what the world expects of you.

Here’s what the following zodiac signs are in for:

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Taurus: You May Be Feeling A Lot Of Professional Pressure

As the sun sends warmth to your fourth house of home and family, you may feel a desire to return to what feels comfortable and familiar. You may even want to take a break from the hustle and bustle while you spend time with loved ones and spruce up your living space with a few loving touches. However, as Saturn lays down the hammer in your 10th house of career, the pressure to succeed and prove yourself to the world may leave you feeling drained. It may be time to step up to the plate. It may also be time to take a break. You know the answer, Taurus.

Aquarius: Your Relationships Could Be Experiencing Strain

This week could feel particularly intense for you, Aquarius. The sun is in your seventh house of partnerships, placing a focus on the people you share your life with. But as Saturn in Aquarius puts strain on your personal life, it may be difficult to balance your own personal growth with your desire to nurture your relationships. It may feel harder to establish harmony with others, but it’s important to give yourself credit where credit is due. You’re dealing with a lot at the moment. Pay attention to who’s still standing by your side.

Pisces: You May Feel Stuck Between A Rock And A Hard Place

You may feel a strong desire to get organized and follow a healthy routine. You may also struggle with internal feelings that impede your focus. The sun is in your sixth house of work and well-being, encouraging you to focus on your physical needs. But Saturn is placing pressure in your 12th house of spirituality, bringing up subconscious feelings that you may have yet to deal with. Don’t forget that your emotional health is just as important as the health of your body. Your work is just as important as your therapy.