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The Week Of August 2 Will Be Bold And Beautiful For 3 Signs

It may be time to unleash your wild side.

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Leo season is encouraging you to embrace your inner diva and have fun. With the sun in this artistic and romantic fire sign, you’re in a beautiful space to unleash your wildest and most colorful instincts. If you’re one of the zodiac signs who will have the best week of August 2, 2021 — Aries, Leo, and Virgo — you’ll absorb the upcoming astrology like a sponge.

However, just because the sun is in Leo doesn’t mean there’s no trouble in paradise. On Aug. 2, the sun will oppose inhibiting and restricting Saturn, which could definitely put a damper on the party. Saturn is a planet that much prefers to keep a lid on things and would rather follow the rules than break them. Obstacles could come your way, making things feel harder than they need to be.

Luckily, by Aug. 3, Venus — planet of love and luxury — will trine innovative and individualistic Uranus, encouraging you to try something a little different. This will spice things up, even if Saturn is trying to rain on your parade, and this energy is perfect for falling in love with someone eccentric and buying yourself something unconventional yet stylish. Even while Saturn aims to uphold the law, it can’t always prevent change. On Aug. 6, the sun will square off with erratic and unpredictable Uranus, paving the way rebellious energy that could certainly take you for a ride.

This week may be filled with ups and downs, but it all amounts to a beautiful new moon in Leo on Aug. 8. This new moon will help you tap into your boldest and brightest self, encouraging you to overcome your modesty, shyness, and self-doubt so that you can let courage guide you forward.

Here’s what the following zodiac signs can look forward to:

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Aries: You’re Embracing A Creative Reawakening

This week’s new moon is encouraging you to reconnect with your inner child, Aries. After all, your inner child is connected to the part of you that can create and express yourself without concern for what other people will think. This week, make a point of doing something artistic, even when you feel like doubting your abilities and worrying about whether your art is “good.” Judging yourself is a surefire way to inhibit your creativity and put a stopper to the fun.

Leo: You’re Stepping Into Your Brightest And Boldest Future

This week could be incredibly challenging for you, Leo, but it’s also a beautiful opportunity to say “screw it” and have a beautiful time anyway. With a new moon in Leo arriving just in time for all the cosmic chaos, you’re being ushered into the next era of your life. This shift may not feel startling or obvious at first. It may feel as subtle as a shifting of the tides. But make no mistake, you have so much power to prove yourself as the bold and brilliant person you know you are. Nothing can stand in your way, not when you believe in your ability to overcome anything.

Virgo: You’re About To Experience A Magic Carpet Ride

You’re tapping into some expansive and adventurous energy this week. There may be serendipitous moments that arrive on your doorstep, encouraging you to take a chance on something beautiful but different. If you’ve been craving something new and out of the ordinary, then you’ll love the astrology that’s surrounding you at the moment. Do yourself a favor and embrace the idea that something incredible may be waiting for you just outside your comfort zone.