If you're wondering how to make TikTok's viral angel milk recipe, get ready for some easy steps.

How To Make TikTok's Viral Angel Milk For A Heavenly New Sip

Pro tip: Add glitter or food coloring for a ‘Gram-worthy twist.

Richard Drury/DigitalVision/Getty Images

You may already be a pro at mixing up your milk game with options like almond and oat, but now, TikTok is mixing up a viral new milk drink that you just have to try. Angel milk is currently trending on the video-sharing app, and if you love to treat yourself, you’ve definitely got to try this sweet viral recipe. Plus, once you master how to make TikTok’s angel milk, you can make the sip even more photo-worthy with edible glitter, food coloring, and more.

As with many TikTok recipes, there’s no need to worry if you’re not great in the kitchen. This is actually one of the easiest recipes on TikTok, because angel milk has only three ingredients that you probably already have at home:

  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla Extract

Following a tutorial from TikToker @xeterious, you’ll first need to take your milk and mix in about a capful of vanilla extract as well as a spoonful of sugar. TikToker @ottert33th points out that you can actually use any kind of milk or milk substitute, and the vanilla and sugar can be measured to your liking. However, don’t overdo it like TikToker @lizz.818, who learned this lesson the hard way by adding in too much extract to the mix. If you don’t have vanill at home, take a cue from @lizz.818 who used almond extract. As a rule of thumb, just think less is more when adding in whatever extract you have or the flavor will be too overwhelming.


One you’ve got your mixture stirred together in a cute mug, microwave it until warm depending on your preference, then enjoy. While some TikTokers gave it 1:30 in the microwave, others only warmed it up for 15 seconds, so do some trial and error to see what works best for you. That’s really all it take to make this tasty drink that many TikTokers are loving. You could even have fun with your angel milk by mixing in some food coloring to make incredibly aesthetic pastel hues. For example, TikToker @lizz.818 added in red food coloring to her creation to make a pink angel milk. While it doesn’t add anything to flavor, it does make your drink more Insta-worthy for any sippin’ selfies you want to take.

If your BFFs are also all about the viral sip, some cute angel milk drinks may be the perfect cozy beverage to serve at your next movie night in with your besties. Set out a dessert charcuterie board for your guests with lots of cookies and even Oreos — aka “milk’s favorite cookie” — alongside your angel milk drinks for tons of sweet treats. If you really want your angel milk to look heavenly, mix in some edible glitter with your sugar and vanilla extract to give it a little sparkle. Fancy Sprinkles actually has prism powder that comes in a variety of colors like purple ($14, Fancy Sprinkles) and rose quartz ($14, Fancy Sprinkles) for whatever color angel milk your heart desires.


Since fall is right around the corner, you may even want to swap out your usual chai and pumpkin spice lattes for some warm angel milk on those extra chilly days. Considering it takes less than a minute to make, angel milk is actually the perfect drink to mix with when you’re feeling a bit lazy but really want something cozy to sip on. Add in a shot of Baileys Apple Pie if you want festive and boozy angel milk to enjoy after a long day of apple picking with your BFF or visiting a pumpkin patch with your partner this fall.

Getting creative with your angel milk is just the next step after trying the OG recipe from TikTok, so it’s time to make some to see what you think. You may even love the original recipe so much that you keep it as it is. After all, you’re so #blessed to find something so delicious to enjoy.